Restaurant Shade and Palapa Roof Netting.

How to provide shade during the hot season.

Shade for restaurants and palapas is available practically and efficiently thanks to shade netting.  When you want to relax in a restaurant or a palapa after a long hot day, you are wanting to get out of the sun.  The OBAMALLA® shade netting for restaurants and palapas is the ideal solution for having the desired shade and preventing heatstroke.

Sombra en palapas
The BAXTOP® palapa roof netting is the best option for obtaining adequate shade, protecting people from the sun’s rays, and providing a pleasant ambiance in restaurants.

In order to mount shade netting, an existing structure can be used or one built to suit.  They can even be made to be retractable, either manually or automatically.  Shade netting is lightweight, is easily rolled up, and can be cut to size with just a pair of scissors.  You can use it as a cover for palapas or use it to go around the walls.  Fasten it with zip ties or wire.  The amount of shade provided depends on the density of the netting, but there will always be light coming through.  Using shade netting for protection from the sun is long-term because OBAMALLA® is very rugged.  Depending on the type of landscape, fixed or temporary support can be created, using galvanized pipe for posts, or using wood, or simply using steel cables.

Malla sombra en restaurante
OBAMALLA® shade netting is a good option since it provides the appropriate shade to prevent sunstroke.

Installation models for restaurant shade and palapa roof netting


The structure in the form of a cover, which is easily done, gives the feeling of open space when one is under it, thanks to its special design.  Air is free to circulate and the amount of perceived heat is reduced drastically.  An elegant solution, which is adaptable to any requirement for protection from the sun, is what is being dealt with here.  It works for gardens, patios, and terraces.  It also is the optimal remedy for car parking.

Malla sombra domo
Covers made with OBAMALLA® Raschel shade netting are an easy fix and adaptable for protecting any area from the sun’s rays.


Thanks to our shade netting, it is possible to design distinct, contemporary models of awnings:  arched, straight, horizontal, vertical, sloping.  Quite popular in residential areas, especially in neighborhoods with swimming pools, awnings also can be used to create palapa and restaurant shade.  These structures are very versatile and innovative.  Awnings allow for privacy while at the same time letting light pass through to make a degree of visibility possible behind the netting.  In fact, one of the advantages of shade netting is exactly that:  it is not completely opaque like tarps are.  Tarps prevent the passage of light, cover the zone completely, and impede vision.  They also are not breathable.  Thus there is not the sensation of being cooler when under a tarp.  When netting is installed at a bit of a slope, water runs off more softly.   It can also be installed vertically in order to protect windows, doors, or exterior areas serving as curtains or retractable side-walls.

Toldo vertical y malla sombra
Vertical awnings of OBAMALLA® woven shade netting also provide privacy, be it as a side-wall curtain or as protection for large windows and doors.

Shade Sails

Ideal restaurant shade and shade for palapas can be had by installing shade sails.  Shade cloth is cut into pieces of various sizes as needed for a stretched canopy installation.  This results in a pleasing aesthetic because the shade cloth looks like aerial boat sails.  It is a sensible and elegant architectural solution that integrates nicely in natural contexts.  It also allows for the consideration of many design possibilities.  A large support structure is not necessary because it primarily uses tensioned cables.

Velarias de malla sombra OBAMALLA®
The OBAMALLA® shade sails for restaurant shade, not only provide shade but are also aesthetically enhancing since they are suspended by tensioned cables.


As with shade sails, suspension structures can be used to cover large areas.  The shade netting protects from the sun, lowers heat, and lets air and light pass through.  Suspension structures can be erected in any space, maximizing aesthetics and natural lighting.  Poles and tensioned cables are used to suspend the shade netting.

Malla sombra con estructura metálica
A suspension structure with OBAMALLA® shade netting not only protects from the sun but also lowers heat and allows air and light to pass through.

How shade netting protects from heat

Shade netting was first developed to protect crops.  The fact is that the incidence of solar rays causes a rise in temperature and the evaporation of water.  In order to conserve soil moisture and avoid sun burn for plants, shade cloth has been widely used in agriculture.  Later its use extended to the domestic and residential sectors.  Shade netting for restaurant shade and palapa roof netting is an ideal solution for lowering the temperature and providing greater comfort when one is enjoying a moment of rest.

The CAMALEON® mimetic netting is an alternative option for restaurant shade and for creating a pleasing ambiance.

Due to its effectiveness in reducing perceived heat, shade netting has found diverse applications:  recreational areas, high schools, sports clubs, restaurants, palapas, patios, terraces, car ports, parking spaces, gardens, and swimming pools.  Its installation can vary from the very simple to being molded to shapes such as in the case of awnings, domes, etc.  Its erection can be permanent or, for passing events, temporary.

Malla sombra instalada en restaurante
: In addition to gardens and terraces, OBAMALLA® shade netting can also be placed in parking spaces, restaurants, and schools.

OBAMALLA® shade netting

Our OBAMALLA® shade netting is made of woven monofilaments of high-density polyethylene with ample assurance of toughness and durability.  A treatment with special additives gives it the ability to absorb and reflect light.  This permits a high level of protection against the sun’s rays and an effective control of high temperatures.  Given that sunlight cannot entirely pass through the netting, under the netting there is a substantial reduction in temperature.

Sombra para restaurantes y palapas
OBAMALLA® shade netting is a good choice since it is made of a high-density material and possesses great resilience.

Summary of the advantages of netting for restaurant shade and palapa roof netting:

  • Temperature drops and so there is less heat.  Thanks to its weave which was developed under strict technological control, the netting absorbs only a part of the light while reflecting another part.
  • The light which does pass through allows for the benefits of natural light.
  • Allows the passage of air for a ventilated environment at all times.
  • Also useful for keeping out insects.
  • It is a protection against strong winds and heavy rains.  It also breaks the fall of hail.  
  • It has a broad range of applications, including the option of erecting privacy screens.
  • Installation is easy and low-cost.  Its placement depends on the area and resources which are available.
  • Existing walls or trees can be used for the support structure.  It can be adapted to any structure and can be used to create manual or automatic shade.
  • It is available in various percentages of shading, depending on whether more or less shade is needed.  The amount of light that can pass through varies from 35 to 90%.
Malla sombra instalada en restaurante
Another advantage of OBAMALLA® shade netting is that it permits the passage of air, meaning that the area where the netting is placed remains ventilated.

If assistance is needed concerning the best method for installing netting for restaurant shade and palapa roof netting, let us know.  We have a technical department at our disposal that can help make possible any project.