La red para delimitar HORTOMALLAS es fácil de instalar.

Safety netting: a quick and economical solution for fencing and delimiting areas

The safety and protection netting is characterized for its bright orange color and its design with ovals.

security mesh for crop protection
The security mesh also works for crop support.

It is a mesh specially developed for signaling and delimiting areas.

In cases of alterations or holes in the ground of the road, due to landslides or erosion, the safety netting serves to signal the incident to the drivers in motion and cause them to slow down when viewing from a distance the color of the mesh. It also alerts pedestrians and redirects them to the safer road.

The safety net is also useful when you have to put barriers or circumscribe work areas: roads under construction, for example.

It is used to protect people when it is necessary to prevent access to certain dangerous areas. It also serves to signal a course during sporting events.

The safety netting has many applications to ensure safety in the workplace.

For example, in the case of construction works, the mesh serves to alert the danger, and to prevent access to demolition areas, earthworks, excavations, installations, soil preparation, and also in the case of pruning of trees. It is commonly applied when there are events in which a large number of people meet, to direct the flow and prevent it from crossing the boundaries. It can even be used at airports, to alert areas under construction or maintenance.

The fence provided by the safety net is temporary or permanent and can be reused over 5 years. The mesh offers security and protection, being that its color is easily identifiable and constitutes a resistant barrier.

Thanks to its high visibility, it can be perceived from the proper distance.

Stabilized against UV rays it is very resistant and easy to handle and install.

It is widely used as a visual and safety barrier because it is light and at the same time strong and resistant to pressure and bad weather. It is very durable thanks to its strict manufacturing processes with high quality raw material.

It is also economical and easy to place.

Installation of the safety netting

It is recommended to use metal posts a little higher than the height of the mesh roll. The poles should be well planted into the ground so consider the total height of the pole including the part that will be below the ground, which is variable according to the characteristics of the soil. The distance between the poles is determined on the basis of atmospheric conditions – if it is a very windy area, for example distance between the poles will have to be reduced.

Safety netting
The net to delimit HORTOMALLAS is easy to install.

Also the distance between the poles can influence the solidity of the structure. It is recommended that a post should be provided every 30-40 cm. In addition, for better stability, it is advisable to fix the mesh to the sticks in at least three points – at the top, at the bottom and in the middle of the pole. To join two pieces of mesh or continue the fence with a new roll, you can overlap the mesh parts and add a wooden stick by inserting it into the holes of the mesh and fixing it with shims. Better still match the joint with an installation pole.

The safety netting in construction

The mesh offers security and protection, being that its color is easily identifiable and constitutes a resistant barrier.
The mesh offers security and protection, being that its color is easily identifiable and constitutes a resistant barrier.

The activities carried out in the field of construction can kill people who do not work directly in the industry. It is never enough to emphasize the importance of protecting these people through an adequate accident prevention program. So, contractors and security managers must always include the safety netting within the risk prevention measures of both workers and outsiders. The safety netting helps minimize risks for those directly involved in the job site but also for passersby or occasional visitors who are not aware of the hazards. Prevent the construction process from being affected. Use the safety mesh as protection.

In particular it is necessary to make a plan to establish the perimeters and the barriers that are necessary. The places and elements that may constitute a risk are identified before. Once the areas to be protected are defined, the materials that can be used to ensure maximum safety are evaluated.

The safety netting is considered very useful because it meets resistance characteristics and high visibility, representing a very effective signaling method.

The safety netting on the road

Among the road safety products, the safety netting covers a prominent place, for the ease and speed of installation and its low cost. Our quality mesh has a high durability exposed to the sun and in open air. It has the advantage of marking a danger zone and prevents the access. It is very easy to handle, to move and to store. It is an impact equipment without the need to mount a complex and expensive structure.

The safety netting for special and sporting events

The security net is ideal for large events where a massive concentration of people is expected. In these circumstances it is required to manage the pace and regulate the flow of many people.

The security mesh delimits the corridors and areas dedicated to the spectators, limiting access to the reserved areas. It serves to mark and highlight special areas of any shape and size.

Aesthetically pleasing and easy to assemble and dismantle is ideal for use during a season and then stored for the next event. It is a practical and affordable choice of fences for schools, parks and athletic leagues that seek to separate the play areas or visitors. It can be moved and enlarged or reduced in a short time. Especially suitable for multipurpose fields or facilities that need to create different sizes of areas for different sports or activities.

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