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Shade netting for domes, maximum aesthetics and protection

Decorative shade cloths can easily adapt to your home dome, patio and yard needs.

With the shade netting for domes and a simple structure, it is possible, easily and quickly, to create domes and awnings for decks to protect any area from the sun.

Domes are vaulted structures. Underneath the domes, the interior is perceived as broader because it is characterized by curved shapes which in themselves convey a feeling of freshness. Thanks to the shade netting for domes you can make a great variety of designs.

Domes of any shape and size can be built at very low costs.

The sun, especially at certain times of the year can greatly raise the temperatures in outdoor and indoor. It can be unbearable and impossible to enjoy patios and gardens.

The shade mesh is an effective screen against the sun and wind, but at the same time, unlike the classic plastic canvas, allows air circulation. Thanks to the passage of air, the heat is not retained and the area underneath is comfortable, fresh and ventilated.

The shade netting for domes OBAMALLA® protects from direct sunlight but lets light through.

This is ideal for installing in domes, awnings, decks for patios, terraces, gardens, swimming pools, garages.

In addition, the shade netting for domes Obamalla is particularly resistant thanks to the exclusive manufacturing process that uses high quality raw material – high density virgin polyethylene. Additionally thanks to anti-UV treatment, it lasts a lot under direct sunlight.

shade nets over a pool
Sometimes in the tropics solar exposure can be a bit too much to bare, so many OBAMALLA® shade nets´ clients decide to install it over the pool area.

Installation of shade net for domes

The shade netting for domes can be mounted directly being supported by existing walls of a patio with hooks and tensioning threads. Structures can also be constructed with metal, plastic or wood sticks and tensioning and fixing the mesh on them.

It is easy to trim and customize according to the specific need and it conforms to any measure.

shade and privacy netting in sport fields
OBAMALLA® privacy and shade nets installed on top of the bench area of a football field.

By means of rope straps you can easily attach the shade netting to walls, trees or poles resulting in a practical, effective and economical solution to defend against the sun and high temperatures.

You can place beams and make a permanent and stable support. However since the shade mesh for Obamalla domes is light it does not need a very robust and expensive structure. Metal profiles are sufficient to hold the mesh. This can benefit from a simple seam to prevent the mesh from fraying and for reinforcing the edges and corners that are the attachment points.

To make shading curtains, rope straps can be used nailed to the ground or stretched by means of a weight, so that the wind does not lift the mesh.

Due to its flexibility and resistance, the shade netting for domes can also be used in tenso structures on large surfaces: schools, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, sports clubs, bus stations.

With a simple structure and shadow mesh for domes, shadow needs can be solved for small and large areas: cafeterias, auditoriums, play areas … By the characteristic of easy mounting and dismounting thanks to a simple fixing system is perfect for temporary structures. For example it is ideal to cover carp for events.

If a custom project is required, our trusted partners – architects and contractors – will advise you on the installation most suitable to your needs.

two pieces of beige shade netting
Instead of having a continued piece of shade cloth, many prefer to install it in two or more pieces as to improve air flow and allow heat to dissipate.

Benefits of Shade netting for Domes

When applied to a skylight on the roof, outside, whether with a fixed structure or a sliding system, manual or automatic, the shade netting for domes protects the interiors from direct sunlight. Solar rays can be harmful to valuable household goods – furniture, paintings, pictures – causing them to lose brightness, stain or cracking. It also contributes to the house being noticeably cooler.

Thanks to the shade mesh for domes, installed in balconies or in outdoor, residential and commercial areas, it is possible to create spaces with greater privacy.

shade nets over a dome and patio
Placing a shade net over a house dome or patio structure will reduce the heat and extend the social areas of the house.

It is so versatile that it can serve to cover any area that needs to be protected from the sun and wind: in homes and businesses – patios, gardens, terraces, balconies, swimming pools. It adapts to any space, for example in schools and sports clubs is frequently used, either permanently or punctually. It is a perfect solution to protect entrances, patios, ranches, garages, parking lots.

In courtyards you can use the shade netting for domes to make permanent or sliding awnings. For installation in patios you can take advantage of an existing structure, such as walls or poles or trees. But it also easily adapts to a structure in any material made to measure.

In domes placed in carports, the shade net for car parking protects the cars from the damages that can cause the sun, in the bodywork and in the elements of plastic, and it avoids the excessive heat in the passenger compartment.

In addition to providing adequate and necessary shade on hot days, the shade netting for domes OBAMALLA® lets the air circulate. Also using OBAMALLA®, there is no problem if the net is left fixed when it rains. In fact it withstands moisture, it does not rust and does not produce mold. It is very resistant to the climate elements, even to hail.

Due to its high quality, the OBAMALLA® shade netting for domes requires no maintenance and lasts for many years, without degrading, tearing or discoloration. It does not corrode, does not tear, and is treated to withstand UV rays. The zero cost of maintenance represents a great advantage in the case of large installations, industrial or commercial.

car parking shade nets
Parking your car in the shade has great advantages, not only will your auto be cooler when you enter it in the hot hors of the afternoon, but the interiors and paint will last longer.

The shade mesh for domes OBAMALLA® provides different degrees of shade depending on the intensity of the filaments and consequently different levels of luminosity. It generates a uniform shadow, appropriate to any space.

It absorbs and reflects the solar radiation that reaches the dome, favoring a sensible decrease of the temperature in the interior. It blocks the rays of the sun, but allows the passage of light and air, offering optimum climate control.

Thanks to the shade mesh for domes, and its positive effects on the climate, you can save on the use of air conditioning.

Examples of applications:

Deck awning

Flat and arch Domes

Rolling solar screens

Tenso Structures




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