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The INVERNAVELO Frost Blanket protects your vegetable crops from the cold

Installing the frost blanket directly on top of the recently planted row increases yield at the end of harvest. Protection against Cold Weather and Frost INVERNAVELO is the frost blanket made from nonwoven polypropylene that is used as a protection for vegetable and tree crops during the brief but devastating frosts of fall and winter. […]

Tutoring trellis netting, ground cover cloth and anti-insects screen

Proposal of alternative techniques for better management of diseases and greater yield in the cultivation of vegetables. Tomato, paprika, gherkin and beans. Trellis netting, ground cover  cloth and anti-insects screen are innovative tools for greater performance. In fact cultivation with traditional methods does not reach the maximum potential of exploitation of crops. In particular, much […]


Chicken wire is a wire mesh made of weaved steel that is used commonly as fence in poultry coop. although there are other kinds of chicken meshes and ones of even better quality, chicken wire is quite common. It is made of thin and flexible steel wire that makes it easy to work. In addition, […]

Cucumber trellis netting will increase crop yields as it allows better phytosanitary conditions.

Cukes are natural climbers that grow healthier on a vertical trellis system. The reason one should use a cucumber trellis when growing cucumbers, is because cukes, like most cucurbits, use climbing tendrils to climb upright towards the light source and by doing so they extend their branches vertically allowing better air circulation.  When you are able to increase air flow, […]

Reduce mechanical stress with HORTOMALLAS: Download the pdf “How to Manual”

Mechanical stress reduces your production yield by many tons per hectare Mechanical stress appears as a physical alteration in the plant or in one of its parts and can affect the plant at any stage of its development. Wind and rain are the main factors causing mechanical stress but there are other factors too such […]

Pest Birds Species Control

Pest Birds Species| The 3 Most Problematic City Birds Feral Pigeon Columba livia (Columba livia domestica) | PEST BIRDS DISTRIBUTION AND HABITAT One of the most problematic pest birds species is the domestic pigeon Columba livia domestica is found worldwide and are a very common in urban and city environments. The feral pigeon have adapted to the roosts […]