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CHICKENMALLA Chicken Wire withstands moisture and exposure to acids.

Protecting chicken houses is easier now with CHICKENMALLA chicken wire.

The components of poultry houses (chickens or turkeys) including chicken wire are subject to the corrosiveness of poultry manure and moisture in the air, inside or outside of the poultry houses.  The side openings need continuous air flow during the day in order to control the temperature and to avoid stressing the birds (above and beyond the problem caused on its own by the density of the birds) because of weather conditions.

malla pollero
 CHICKENMALLA chicken wire withstands high-ammonia environments caused by animal, poultry, or pig manure.

cortinas para pollos
The polypropylene chicken wire is a good compliment for barn curtains.

The CHICKENMALLA chicken wire is made of bi-axially stretched polypropylene and contains a UV stabilizer of black carbon which is the best for withstanding sunlight.  By being made of plastic it stands up to damp or marine environments and to poultry house pH levels, which, because of the manure, range between 7 and 8.Poultry excrement is anywhere from liquid to solid, which means that the percentage of nitrogen is very high.  When the nitrogen that is found in the form of volatile ammonia converts into ammonium, it gives us the characteristically strong repulsive smell of chicken manure.  As one might guess, feed rations for broilers that include animal matter such as blood, fish, and meat, elevate the nitrogen/ammonium component.

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Plastic chicken netting for broilers and layers will last a lot longer in corrosive and damp environments than metal.

It is important to take into consideration that the use of CHICKENMALLA in conjunction with blackout curtains for poultry houses or other constructions, prolongs the life of these curtains since they will not be in contact with metal components.  It can also be installed over window openings to prevent the entry of birds into hog barns.

Nave para criar pollos con malla gallinera plástica CHICKENMALLA
Poultry houses install a curtain over the CHICKENMALLA chicken wire.  The plastic netting does not corrode in damp conditions  nor with the ammonium of poultry manure.

free range chicken
También los pollos criados al abierto benefician de la malla pollera al evitarse que las aves externas se metan a sus naves de noche para consumir los granos.

Chemical reaction of metal chicken wire

Chicken Wire
People who raise iguanas or other exotic species, successfully use plastic chicken wire since it does not harm or infect the animals.

The chemical reaction of ammonia with the components of ferrous metals such as chicken wire used for the houses of broilers, layers, or turkeys is indirect but recognized by all poultry growers, since ammonia influences the process of corrosion by tending to increase pH.  When the chicken wire of the poultry houses rusts, the health of the poultry is put at risk since the points of failure in the chicken netting, installed on the sides of the houses, can become entry points for birds from the outside that are vectors of pathogens.

CHICKENMALLA, by being made of polypropylene, is not subject to the processes of metal corrosion, thereby guaranteeing the prolonged use of this barrier.  When using plastic chicken wire, not only does one save money, considering that the plastic has longer life expectancy than metal, but one also saves in the installation process since it is so much easier to install in the side openings.

plastic chicken net
The CHICKENMALLA chicken wire does not wear out the side curtains of broiler houses.

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