Shade net for car parking spaces: protect your car and improve your day to day thanks to Obamalla

The shade net for garage Obamalla is an economical alternative to protect areas of your property of the excessive sun.

Prevents your car body from suffering severe damage from the sun

Shade net for car parking
The OBAMALLA® mesh provide a resistant and durable protection against the UV.

Excessive and prolonged sun can seriously damage the exterior and interior of your car. Therefore the shade mesh for parkings Obamalla is an optimal repair so that the rays of sun do not directly affect the surfaces. Protecting the car from the sun is critical especially in the hottest months. Your car is a valuable asset to you. Being new or having it for years, what you want is to maintain your car in good shape. Especially during the months of higher temperatures it is essential to protect the car from the sun’s rays, especially in parking areas, where they remain several hours.

The shade net for parking protects the body and the interiors of your car.

What is the process by which the sun damages your car?

The OBAMALLA® is an auxiliar for the protection to your car avoiding that fall bird droppings.

Persistent heat can cause damage to the body of your car. Because of the heat, the coating on the car and the plastic elements are especially affected.

Insects, bird droppings and tree resins can be deposited on the surface of the car. Because of the heat these very acidic organic elements decompose, stick to the varnish, corrode and deteriorate the body in a deep and permanent way. The stains that occur affect the varnish and end up staining and discoloring the car.

So remember that even looking for the shade parking under the trees, brings many inconveniences.

If the paint is exposed for a long time to the direct sun it is ruined, over time the transparent layer is broken, and the car ceases to be shiny. Care must also be taken of all plastic elements that deform with high temperatures, cracking. They can be worn and even broken, such as plastic window seals, which then cause water seeps during rains. Plastic door seals are also altered by heat and cause noises. The windscreen wipers can also be attached.

If you also use products to polish the car, remember that these also leave a layer that with the heat overheats and stains the varnish.

All interior parts of the car also suffer exposure to the sun’s rays.

The dashboard and seats, whether plastic or leather, for example, dry and can crack and lose the original color.

Ultimately in the long run the paint fades and becomes opaque and the internal plastics dry and can break.

Also it is not uncommon that some electrical parts also suffer from a long exposure to the sun.

If you do not have a closed place to store the car, and you park it outdoors for a long time, under the sun, it is best to repair your car under a shade cloth for garage Obamalla. Remember also that it is advisable to wash the car under the shade. In fact if the surface is very hot, the shampoo foam dries very quickly creating spots. Even if it rains and drops on the car, if it is not in a place protected by the shadow, it can create halos and alterations of the color of the painting.


Avoid getting into a very hot car

In addition to damage to the body, another problem, quite annoying that occurs when the car is under the direct sun, is that inside the temperatures become very high.

When we get into the car it is sometimes impossible to touch the steering wheel, because it burns. The same goes for the seats. An unsustainable situation even more if we have children or dogs.

The whole cabin is very hot, and it can take a long time to try to cool the interior with the air conditioning. This practice is also incorrect, as there is a high risk of damaging the air conditioning system. In addition, fuel is used. And there are also risks to health, since exposure to a sudden cold can cause colds. It has been tested under laboratory conditions that, in the case of direct solar radiation, dangerous temperatures for humans and animals can develop rapidly on the outside surface and in the car compartment.

beige shade net installed on home
With this mesh you will avoid that your car is hot and prevent any possible damage to the system.

With only an ambient temperature of 25ºC, in a short time the temperature of the body can reach 80ºC and the internal temperature exceeds 40ºC.

In the first 20 minutes, the car is overheated with variations according to its color. In the case of a white car, temperatures reach 25 to 55ºC, while in a black car, after the same time reaches 70ºC. After one hour, the white car registers 60°C, while the black reaches 80°C. At such high temperatures a simple contact can cause burns and damage to the skin.

Regardless of the color of the body, the cab is heated in much the same way. Even in this case, temperatures can quickly reach dangerous levels for people and animals: after 60 minutes, the temperature of the dashboard reaches 80°C and, at head height, reaches almost 45°C.

Tips for installing shade cloth for parking spaces

The shade netting for parking spaces is very light, sturdy and easy to install.

It is cut to the required size and can be made with an embroidery that protects the corners and with rings that facilitate the fastening.

In the presence of a wall-to-wall gap the installation is very simple. Steel cables can be used to strain and support the mesh. Or you can make a practical structure of metal or wood to create a real garage.

Examples of application of the shading net for garages

The shade net for car parking Obamalla is very versatile and can cover any area of ​​a yard or garden to create shady areas and privacy. It is treated against the degradation of UV rays, therefore its long duration is guaranteed.

Outdoor shade rapid solution: schools, swimming pools, decks, entertainment areas, sports and children facilities.

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