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If what you are looking for is a being part of the distribution of product with a long shelf life, with high rotation and that will complement itself well to the existing sales of seeds, fertilizers, irrigation systems or other specialized products for professional farming, then HORTOMALLAS®TM is the right manufacturer of trellis netting as this is the ideal product line for you, and you should be part of our distribution network.

Are you a local dealer or wholesale distributor or importer? We offer the perfect crop net in many sizes ideal for open field solonaceas and for cucurbitaceas and solonaceas for greenhouses.  We also manufacture bird protection netting used to protect greenhouses and growing tunnels for berries or fruit trees.  Partner-up with HORTOMALLAS®TM and you will gain both money and prestige!

HORTOMALLAS®TM plant support netting relies on an extensive network of dealers in Latin America, the Iberic Peninsula and the southern states of the USA.

If you are interested in distributing this product leader in quality, please fill the questionnaire; we will send you our distribution and  sales systems shortly.

Remember that by distributing HORTOMALLAS® you will be part of the global effort to produce healthier and organic vegetables.  When your customers and growers use trellis netting to support their crops, they will reduce the amount of hand labor needed to tutor the plants in their growth phase, and this in turn reduces mechanically spread diseases, lowering the incidence of viruses, bacteria and fungi  that are spread by contact of the workers´ hands.

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