Mesh for Pickup Truck Beds–a Safe and Secure Covering

Mesh for Trucks

Protect pickup truck cargo by using a mesh for pickup truck beds.  The materials that are transported by a truck, even non-ferrous metal, should be securely loaded so as to not fall off along the road.  This is just as much for the safety of other vehicles and their occupants as what it is for the protection of the cargo itself.  The load needs to stay in place with no risk of loss. 

We provide many types of mesh for trucks.  Our mesh for pickup truck beds is one tough mesh.    The mesh that we propose be used on trucks, both large and small, and pickups is exceptionally strong and tough even when exposed to rough weather, because it is manufactured from high-density, UV-treated monofilaments of polyethylene.  Our mesh does not tear nor fray and therefor adapts to any material that needs to be transported.  We can provide mesh custom-made to size, hemmed, and ready to use.   This mesh for trucks can be made according to the design needed by the customer and can include grommets so that it can easily be tied down.  This mesh also gets used in shipping containers and crates for construction rubble and food wastes.  It prevents the materials of the load from getting lost during transport by falling off on the highway and creating a danger for other vehicles.  This mesh can be used in the transportation and agricultural sectors, in industrial activities, for construction and DIY projects, and in gardening.  Since it is so adaptable and flexible it can also be fastened to structures that are installed in the bed of the truck or pickup.  That way the protective mesh stays put and at the desired height.  This truck netting, the same as traditional tarps [when used as a cover], can be rolled up and can be used with a mechanically retractable system so that the mesh can easily be removed when it’s not needed, such as during loading and unloading. 

multi malla para camiones
Traveling with big loads ends up being a difficult task.  Truck netting for the load is a big help.

Advantages of truck netting

Our mesh is noted for its ability to withstand sunlight, extreme temperatures, and precipitation of all kinds, including hail.  It is not impermeable, but it does shed water and washes easily.  It is fabricated from a lightweight, but strong, material that makes it possible for it to be rolled up or folded for easy storage.  Other applications include: netting for outdoor booths, shade cloth for events, protective netting for pools, and a mesh for covering truck beds.

Truck bed liners

Our mesh gets used as truck load covers and also as truck bed liners.  It is an ideal accessory for pickup trucks given the protection that it provides.  Our mesh adapts to the size of the bed and your needs.  First of all, the mesh protects the cargo from the wind and sunlight.  It is also a useful accessory in order to be able to take advantage of your pickup for just about anything you might want to do:  gardening, moving, and hauling merchandise and fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables.  Its use is advisable as protection for the bed to keep it from getting scraped and scratched while hauling loads.  From construction work to transporting furniture, or sports equipment, or electrical appliances the mesh provides protection.  The mesh can be mounted on manual, articulated, mechanical devices to be rolled rolled out and retracted.  The desired size is obtained by cutting it with common scissors which makes it quite easy to adapt it to any truck or pickup.

malla para camiones
This type of mesh for pickup truck beds makes it safer to transport large loads of material.

Take advantage of your pickup’s cargo carrying ability

There is a lot that can be hauled on the back of your pickup.  Don’t leave what you’re hauling to the mercy of the wind and don’t invite accidents to happen.  Protect your merchandise and personal belongings.  Roll-up bed liners are easy to install and allow rapid access to the entire pickup bed.  A covering for the load helps to compact the load and hold it down in place.  Protect your pickup bed with our mesh that adjusts to your make and model.  It is economical and has a guarantee of up to 10 years.  Safety on the highway is essential and besides it’s required by law.    It’s for this reason that mesh for pickup truck beds and mesh for trucks, both large and small, is one of the best investments that you can make.  Load coverings for trucks have various benefits:  they protect against the pull of the wind and they keep the load from shifting.  Add additional protection when and where it is most needed.  Truck netting is easy to put on and take down.  It is an economical and practical way of taking care of securing the load in the back.

Pleasing appearance, toughness, and guarantee of being long-lasting

Our mesh fabric is manufactured from polypropylene.  It has a neutral appearance and is aesthetically pleasing.  But its most outstanding characteristic is its toughness and the fact that it is long lasting.  As a truck bed liner and as a truck load cover it is the ideal option because it molds itself to any shape and size of object.  It can be used to line the sides and the bottom of the bed.  It can also be used as a load divider.  In general, as a covering it can easily be tied down with ropes or straps.

mallas para seguridad en camiones
Truck netting has an aesthetically pleasing look and has the advantage of being very tough and long lasting.

Primary functions of mesh for trucks

  • Protects from dust, wind, UV rays, and hail
  • Holds the load together
  • Prevents losing part of the load
  • It’s a highway safety measure

Applications for the construction industry

When vehicles get used for transporting construction materials or rubble, it is especially important to be careful about safety.  Safety norms need to be applied on-site as well as when out on the highway.  Use our mesh as a load cover.  It is a practical, economical, and simple way of assuring adequate protection for truck cargo.

  • Load the rubble or construction materials in the bed of the truck
  • Extend the truck netting over the entire bed
  • Fasten down the border of the mesh
  • Run some ropes over top of the mesh.  That way load shift while being transported will be minimized.

Once at the destination, the mesh is easily removed.