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“Comparative Study of Three Planting Densities of a hybrid cucumber with Two Types of Training and Cucumber Trellis”

Training cucumbers to a cucumber trellis

Vegetable support
HORTOMALLAS® increases the quality and quantity of produce, in this case cucumbers on a cucumber trellis, by lifting the fruit off the ground, preventing spots, and reducing the use of ag chemicals and labor.

We present this study as being representative of the good qualities of HORTOMALLAS® products used as a cucumber trellis in place of the traditional use of twine.

rafia hortomallas malla soporte espaldera entutorado cultivo pepino y pepinillo

Cucumber Trellis
Here one can appreciate HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting strung up as a vegetable support in a field of cucumbers instead of using twine for trellising.

The research here presented had as its purpose the comparison of three different planting densities of a cucumber crop.  Hybrid seed, ATAR 434, from an Israeli company, HAZERA, was used. 

Two different types of cucumber trellis were used: a plastic trellis netting and twine.  The investigation lasted about 90 days.  The statistical design was that of randomly assigned plots in an A x B variable array which yielded 6 samples, and these repeated 3 times made for a total of 18 plots.  The total area used for the study was 540, making each experimental plot 30.  The density variable consisted of plant spacings of 0.2m (7.9 inches), 0.3m (11.8 inches), and 0.4m (15.8 inches) which made for a plant density of 33,333.3 plants/ha. (2.5 A), 22,222.2 plants/ha (2.5 A), and 16,666.6 plants/ha (2.5 A) respectively.  In order to conduct the study, the soil was first prepared mechanically (plowed and disked) and then soil samples taken for analysis.  Afterwards irrigation hoses were put in place for drip irrigation.  At the same time work was done in a nursery to get the seedlings ready, using plastic seedling starter trays, to plant 1,300 seeds.  These were transplanted after 15 days.  Plant growth needs, such as weeding, fertilizing, and plant health control, were attended to.  Periodic measurements were made of the height of the plant as well as the diameter and length of the fruit and its weight.  This was done in each of the test plots in order to calculate yields.  At the finish of the study and considering all the corresponding data, we can conclude that sample three (a3b1), corresponding to the plant density of 1.5m (59 inches) X 0.4m (15.8) (1,666.6 plants / ha (2.5 A)) along with plastic trellis netting gave the best result.

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