Weed barrier ground cover for your tunnels

One of the best ways to protect crops of produce against whatever mishap, is by the implementation of superficial structures along with weed barrier fabric.

tela anti maleza en cultivos de jardin
Weed barrier fabric provides adequate protection to prevent the growth of weeds.

This fabric provides an unbeatable defense unlike any other method.  Even the most cautious seeming ones in the end do not achieve being as solid a defense for the crop.  The main reasons for using tunnels for produce are the bursts of wind that can wreak havoc in the planted area, abrupt weather changes that can affect the health of the plants or vegetables, and also, one of the most common reasons, to control the maximum height a crop may attain with the roof of the tunnel being the limit.  Add to this the implementation of weed barrier fabric for weed control and you have temperature control, safety, and health that is to be found only with the MALAHIERBA® weed barrier fabric.

Tunnels represent a preventive measure that have given great results in the agricultural field.  They are characterized by providing safe, enclosed growth, no longer exposed to the elements, be it birds that threaten in the zone or also torrential rains and high winds that can harm your produce.  Their primary function is to create a sort of microclimate that will help the growth of the plants of the crop found within the tunnel.  Generally speaking they adjust to a temperature that would be hard to obtain if the crop area were open to the sky.  Upon modifying the temperature and the climatic conditions within the tunnel, one can be more resourceful with the crops of plants, flowers, or vegetables:  there are now possibilities that did not exist before.

tunel con tela anti maleza
In tunnels an environment can be created which is pleasant and apt for crops to grow to their potential.  Take note of the weed barrier.

For this reason tunnels have become a grand solution for the first days after planting for some plants that can be especially sensitive.

The dimensions of the tunnels vary.  They are known for the tall ones that are called high tunnels or hoop houses and are especially for vegetables that can have a rather prolonged vertical growth.  The smallest ones can also be found.  Known as micro tunnels or low tunnels, they specialize in the microclimates of crops with shorter vertical growth.  The high tunnel because of its large expanse, could be more irregular in controlling a microclimate.  Nevertheless, this can be solved easily enough by installing weed barrier fabric.

This type of fabric would help the soil to become more compatible with the microclimate by allowing sunlight and moisture to be scattered the length of the tunnel.  In the same way, in micro tunnels, weed barrier fabric would help to better regulate the temperature.  It turns out to be of equal importance since, given that it is a smaller space, our objective will be to make sure the micro climate that is established extends itself the entire length of the tunnel and that it is not just to be found in one static spot.

mala hierba ground cover para control de maleza
Ground cover fabric is a good aid for keeping insects and other dangerous elements for the plants from getting too close.

On the other hand, these structures, in spite of being well enclosed, are still subject to insect attacks, plant diseases, parasites, and other agents that can always harm our crops.  Here another of the great properties of weed barrier fabric enters the picture.  It is an anti-insect aid since its polypropylene fibers will keep the more bothersome insects and parasites away from the micro tunnel.

However, without a doubt, where the MALAHIERBA® fabric really shines as a tunnel ground cover is that of making it possible to enjoy the crop without the preoccupation of weeds taking over as they often do in this kind of structure.  Weed barrier fabric is specially made for it to throw itself at the defense of your crops against weeds.

These incredible rolls of polypropylene will allow you to reinforce your tunnels in such a way that your crops will be almost entirely whole along with the protection that the superficial structure has to offer.  It can sound like something insignificant, but it has been confirmed that weeds and unwanted grasses can become the principle cause for big monetary losses in the agricultural sector.  Some people underestimate just how far reaching the damage can be from an outbreak of unforeseen weeds, especially in horticultural tunnels that generally have narrow windows of time between crops.

The fabric makes for a process of nutrient distribution for the length of the tunnel, the soil will remain hydrated, and the microclimate made possible by the zone of the tunnel’s location, will be evident.  Those weeds that are to be found under the fabric will be seen to be debilitated and without sufficient nutrients to grow and damage your crops.  Thus, you will not need to worry about weed control once the weed barrier fabric is installed.

cultivo de tomate utilizando tela anti maleza
This type of fabric gives a resistant and practical option for helping plants to grow to their potential.

Having said this, it has become evident what a great combination the MALAHIERBA® weed barrier inside specialty horticultural tunnels would be.  It could result in an almost perfect defense for your crops and that is saying a lot in the agricultural field.  Possibly there is not a farmer alive today that is not afraid of large losses in whatever is planted because of unforeseen factors.  The best solution, then, when using these structures, is to use ground cover inside the tunnels and thus avoid MANY problems.  You perhaps may think that the expenses (the fabric for covering the tunnel, all the required fasteners, the labor involved) are too great to also think about weed barrier fabric.  But remember that in this environment it is best to play it safe and one careless moment trying to save a little bit of money could end up costing you a lot of money.  Don’t even think about doing without:  put together your best defense!