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Trellising crops of produce using tomato trellis netting

Better plant health by trellising with HORTOMALLAS® tomato trellis netting

Trellising with tomato trellis netting allows one to control the plant health and agronomic elements which are necessary for a profitable crop. 

The appropriate utilization of trellising serves to guide the growth of and maintain support for your crop of tomatoes and peppers.  In what follows, we will present a brief guide for ideal row spacing, depending on whether Spanish or Dutch style trellising is used.

entutorar rafia
Trellising with HORTOMALLAS® plastic netting instead of traditional natural-fiber twine, has plant health and financial advantages.

Trellising for tomatoes

If the support structure is strong enough to support the crop, Dutch trellising can be employed.  Dutch trellising is done using double rows with 40 – 50 cm (16 – 20 inches) between plants in the row.

pedunculo de tomate
A diferencia del sistema de rafia que ahorca los racimos de tomate, HORTOMALLAS® puede actuar como un soporte al peso del tomate

Single rows can also be used with a spacing of 30 – 40 cm (12 – 16 inches) between plants and 110 – 150 cm (44 – 60 inches) between rows. 

Spanish trellising uses single rows and can be used with any type of support structure.

  Generally, the plants are grown with single stalks, but they can also be grown with double stalks. 

The tops get cut off when the plants reach the height of the support stakes of the trellis. 

double wall trellis netting
The spread of disease by workers making physical contact with the plants can be reduced by installing tomato trellis netting in a double-panel configuration.

The use of tomato trellis netting in order to improve plant health

Trellising tomatoes or peppers with HORTOMALLAS® tutoring mesh has a very beneficial effect on plant health (in addition to a labor savings) since contact with the plant is reduced (in comparison with traditional trellising with twine) and this in turn reduces the incidence of the transmission of virus, bacteria, and fungus by eliminating the daily chore of workers needing to manually train the plants to the trellis.  HORTOMALLAS® tomato trellis netting acts as a natural support for each branch laden with fruit and favors the organic development of the plant. 

malla espaldera en tomate
Here one can see how the bottoms of the 2 panels of the HORTOMALLAS® tomato trellis netting get tied together in order to guide the plant to the upper squares of the plastic netting.

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