Plastic Trellis Mesh is Your Partner for Creating a Productive Garden

If you desire to exercise more control over your climbing plants, then you should install a plastic trellis mesh in your garden. Experts gardeners and horticulturists use the plastic trellis mesh to tutor vining plants and contain them. Using plastic trellis mesh, vining plants maintain their upright growth for vertical garden.

trellis support net installed on garden
The vertical system provides good support for crops.

The garden tool ensures that productivity is heightened in vertical garden even though the garden space is limited. Plastic trellis mesh also guarantees the protection of garden plants from rot, animals and pest insects. The support system prevents the plants from having any contact with the ground as much as possible, and also creates barrier against animals.

Plastic trellis mesh is a vital garden tool as it creates avenue for ventilation, sunlight and rainfall. It is available in different varieties and can be found at local garden stores.
Some of the varieties of plastic trellis mesh are light duty and heavy-duty mesh. As its name implies, light duty plastic trellis mesh is more light-weighted and allows for convenient nurturing and harvesting of crops. It is frail and gentle on the plants and allows for temporary use.

plants cropfield using support net
The support net adapts according to the plant characteristics.

On the other hand, heavy duty plastic mesh is stronger than the light duty mesh. It has holes that are 2 inches big and is suited for beans and peas. Heavy duty mesh not only support plants but can also serve as garden fencing for preventing birds and animals from gaining access to your garden plants.
Features of Plastic Trellis Mesh
Plastic trellis mesh shares similarities with nylon trellis netting. It is made of polypropylene and demands stakes, planks or poles for its installation. Some of the features of the plastic trellis mesh include:

  • It has UV resistance for protection against damage caused by sunlight
  • It has impressive tensile strength.
  • It is made from polypropylene (a type of polymer) and other materials.

Importance of Using Plant Trellis Mesh in the Garden
Plastic trellis mesh is an affordable type of netting. It helps you meet your needs without requiring much expense. Likewise, the trellis mesh is durable and ensures that you spend money for other garden use instead of repeatedly buying trellis mesh.
Plastic trellis mesh is suited for fragile plants because it is made of polypropylene. This ensures that it is able to protect the plant without destroying it.

long beans crops with support net
The trellis mesh is very practical, flexible and very adaptable according to the crop.

Also, plastic trellis mesh is flexible and easy to install. You can attach the mesh to stakes, frames or planks when installing it in the garden. In addition, gardeners can conveniently trim the netting for use in a narrow garden space. It is also light-weighted and portable for temporary use.
Plastic trellis mesh safeguards the garden plants. It prevents animals and birds from roaming in your garden, ensuring that have optimal harvesting during the harvest season. The trellis mesh beautifies your garden and encourages your climbing plants to sprout upright.
Plastic trellis mesh is an important garden tool that is highly demanded. It is ideal for supporting garden plants and lasts long.

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