HORTOMALLAS: The Netting for Tomato Support

lIncreasing yield by using netting for tomato supporte

In order to increase the yield of a crop of solanaceae, it is advisable to have a good tomato trellis since this plant requires a tomato support once its branches begin to become laden with fruit.

macrotunel tomates
Here is an example of installation of tomato tutoring in an INVERNAVELO® macrotunnel.


helps the producer who wants a more efficient tutoring system (trellising) for his tomatoes, because it allows for labor savings by being able to install tomato support quickly along the length of the rows.

By helping the plant to stay upright, the tutoring in tomatoes pays for itself.

Trellis mesh

Moreover, the square structure of the trellis netting used for tomato support lets the branches support themselves on the horizontal strands of the netting. This avoids having the stem of the cluster of tomatoes bending over and, by protecting the fruit from being choked off from its nutrients, a larger harvest is achieved. For tomatoes, as for all solanaceae, it is advisable to use a double-panel configuration of HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting for tomato support.

malla tomatera
in the case of the tomato mesh HORTOMALLAS® the most advisable thing is to use a double wall of mesh as in all nightshades

 Avoid phytopathogenic agents in your crop

HORTOMALLAS®, This will diminish the need for workers’ hands making contact with the plants to train them to the trellis and consequently reduce the possibility of the transmission of virus, bacteria, and fungus from plant to plant by means of physical contact. A vertical tomato trellis gives excellent economic returns to anyone who uses it for their crops. An issue of hygiene is present with the traditional trellising method of using twine which facilitates the accumulation of plant pathogens such as bacteria, virus, fungal spores, and even insects, without considering agrochemicals used during the previous crop cycle.

malla tomatera en invernadero
tomato mesh is used in greenhouse preferably as a double wall system, to avoid continuous contact with workers

Trellising tomatoes has big advantages when it is done with HORTOMALLAS® since its quick installation makes possible a substantial labor savings in the installation phase. Aside from this initial saving, it must be considered that later on HORTOMALLAS® tomato support will provide better plant health conditions by avoiding or diminishing the contact that workers’ hands need to make with the plants. When workers are obligated to make contact with virus and bacteria, they become sponsors of the transmission of pathogens from plant to plant by their hands acting as vectors by means of physical contact.

tutorado de tomate
The tutoring of tomato in open field or in a tissue tunnel to force the cultivation of the INVERNAVELO® brand allows the plant to grow more vigorously.

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