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HORTOMALLAS for making a tomato trellis

How a HORTOMALLAS® tomato trellis will increase production for you

Tomato support, in this case a tomato trellis which is made using HORTOMALLAS® tomato netting, is an efficient way of giving tomato plants support for their stems and fruits.  This solanaceae, without any support, would spread out on the ground as it grows, there would be a lot of waste, and a greater frequency of plant diseases, such as viral diseases.  These diseases would be transmitted by the workers’ hands coming into contact with a plant infected with virus, bacteria, or fungus and then infecting other plants as they continue working down the row and on to other rows.  Workers’ hands become like any other vector in transmitting pathogens.

With tomatoes, the best method of tomato support, is a double-panel configuration of the tomato netting in the form of a “V” so that the

soporte tomate
The double-panel configuration of HORTOMALLAS® netting for a tomato trellis, allows for better plant health.

solanaceae ends up being supported on both sides of the row.  This way, additional chores of training the vines to the trellis are avoided and it is this manipulation (as was previously described) that increases the probability of the spread of pathogens present in the crop.  A tomato trellis constructed in this way, will give good horticultural results and good economic returns by reducing the applications of agrochemicals and the amount of labor.    A double-panel tomato trellis in the form of a “V”, allows the plant to develop naturally without needing to be manually trained to the trellis by workers.  Not only does this reduce the possibility of the spread of infection, it also reduces stress for the plant.  Stress from manipulation slows down growth of the plant and its fruit and sets it back by three days on average.  During this time, instead of gaining in weight and foliage, the plant needs to recuperate from an unnatural accommodation to the trellis twine.

pedunculo de tomate
A diferencia del sistema de rafia que ahorca los racimos de tomate, HORTOMALLAS® puede actuar como un soporte al peso del tomate

There is also a method of trellising tomatoes by installing the tomato netting horizontally.  This is a quickly-installed method and is advisable for those who grow determinant varieties of low growth.

malla tomatera, malla jitomatera
A tomato trellis made with HORTOMALLAS® tomato netting allows for better plant health control and a reduction in costs.