Alternative to herbicides: the weed control fabric.

Tool that drives the health of your crop.

Nowadays, to think about herbicides or similar products to deal with weeds and unwanted herbs is a little difficult, since the advances in the world of agriculture have developed novelties that allow the use of less invasive methods. Also these new proposals save time and labor in the removal of the so-called weed, especially when dealing with large tracts of land. 

Malahierba fabric placed on a crop garden
With the use of the fabric anti-weed, you will reduce and avoid the herbicides or pesticides against the weeds

the agricultural field

One of the innovations that has been introduced within the agricultural field and that has had positive approval by those who have tried it is the weed control fabric, a non-woven mesh that prevents both the proliferation of weeds and the possible pathogens they cause, which are dangerous and harmful for plantations and crops. Perhaps not many understand just how serious weeds can be in a crop, in a greenhouse or even in recreational areas. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, weeds are really harmful for the rest of the plants and even for the actual land itself.

plantations protected with Malahierba cloth.
The anti-weed mesh will prevent weeds from getting the sun and growing.

We have all seen weeds at some time in our lives, whether in a small corner

in the neighbor’s yard or even in the street. No matter how much you try to remove them, they do not stop re-appearing, becoming an annoying part of life for many. Like any plant, it seeks to acquire the essential nutrients for its subsistence, from water, land and of course from the sun. If that weed begins to spread in a crop, then they will begin to take nutrients from the plants being cultivated and will also invade (and even choke out) the plants, causing the crop to decline and increasing the risk of possible pests and fungi caused by weeds.

For this reason, before starting a crop herbicides are used to completely remove

(or at least try) the weeds, but the use of herbicides can contaminate the ground; if the weed attacks during the initial growth of the crop and herbicide or a similar product is used, this could cause the loss of all the work done.  The tool known as weed control fabric, Ground Cover or anti-weed, aims to prevent unwanted weeds from receiving the necessary light to grow, keeping the growth of weeds under control . Not only that, but all the benefits that this interesting ground cover includes has turned it into a product in high demand.

The installation of the weed control herbicides fabric is very simple: 

  • First, remove from the land to be used all undesirable elements (grass, brush, debris, wood, garbage, etc.)
  • Then, place the weed control fabric on the ground, making the necessary adjustments (keep hold of it) in the case of an open field; this prevents it from  moving if there is a blizzard.
  • You’re all set! 

That is all that is needed to install the weed control fabric. Then it’s just a case of giving regular maintenance to the plants during the growth of the crop.

a field of crops protected with MALAHIERBA® cloth.
Weed can attack and invade crops, you can avoid these with the fabric Malahierba ground cover

It was  mentioned earlier that the use of this mesh brings many significant advantages herbicides .

What are those advantages?  Well, apart from preventing the growth of weeds, the weed control fabric keeps contact between the soil and the leaves of the plants at a  minimum, preventing possible infections that plants can develop through continuous contact with the soil. Also, despite being treated with polypropylene, it is completely permeable, so you will be able to water without any problem.  You will also be able to apply the required fertilizers, and you wont have to worry about the mesh preventing the correct flow of air between the crop, since it is completely designed for this purpose. You can even place a sprinkling system on the weed control fabric.

Besides this, it has some extra advantages herbicides:

one of them is that it can extend the growing season as well as prevent the attack of insect infestation and pests. The durability of this ground cover is also worth highlighting because it can last up to five years, being a reusable tool for different occasions. This is important as it can withstand possible punctures or tears caused by objects carried on the wind, animals, or any other similar damage that may occur. It reduces the time invested in labor at harvest time, and increases crop production because the plants are better protected.


is one of the most popular options chosen by customers, because of the wide variety of measures that adjust to the customer’s needs. In addition there is a choice of two types, white and black mesh. The black mesh intensifies the heat throughout the crop, while the white one directs  light to the leaves, decreasing the heat that the crop receives. The white mesh is useful in closed spaces or greenhouses, where usually controlled temperatures are required.

anti-weed ground cover cloth for crops
The anti-weed fabric promote and supports the plants to grow properly

If you are looking for options for dealing with and keeping at bay those annoying weeds, do not resort to herbicides or expensive chemical agents; use the weed control fabric and give your crop the breathing space and protection it needs in order to face the invasion of undergrowth and weeds that can wreak havoc with the work, time and effort dedicated to the progress of the crop.