A Tutoring System as a Means for Increasing Profit

The Horticultural Practice of Trellising by Using a Tutoring Net

There are various chores which need to be done in order to raise a crop of produce, each one having importance.  Tutoring (trellising) is one which may determine the quantity and quality of the fruit as well as nutritional aspects.  A plant maintained in an upright position and with good air flow, thanks to a tutoring system, has reduced damage from high humidity. 

malla espaldera
One can see here how a tutoring system, using a double-panel configuration of tutoring net, allows for full development of the plant.

It also increases the amount of flowers since the branches won’t be subject to getting stepped on by workers.  And it increases the number of pollinated flowers and, by using a double-panel configuration of tutoring net as a tutoring system, decreases the the propagation of pathogens by means of physical contact since it decreases the need for handling the crop in order to train it to a trellis.  This is unlike the hand training that is required when traditional, natural-fiber raffia is used for trellising.

tutoreo de tomates
Application and installation of HORTOMALLAS® for a tomato espalier trellis.


A HORTOMALLAS® tutoring system has many advantages when compared with traditional trellising with raffia.  Installation time is substantially reduced:  HORTOMALLAS® installs in one third the time needed for installing raffia.  The advantage in using plastic tutoring net is that raffia, in addition to only being able to be used for one crop cycle because of deterioration by the sun or because of plant pathogens or agrochemicals lodging in its fibers from a previous crop cycle, brings with it the risk of a direct cost.  If, during pruning or harvesting, just one strand is accidentally cut, the whole trellis can unravel and fall down.  Extruded plastic tutoring net on the other hand limits the damage from an accidental cut to the area around the cut without ensuing damage occurring the entire length of the row. 

Trellis mesh

It is recommended that a double-panel configuration of tutoring net be used as a tutoring system when growing solanaceae (nightshade) crops such as peppers, chillies, or tomatoes, since having support on both sides of these plants allows them to grow upright without human intervention.  simplification of tutoring is not only reflected in lower installation cost, but also in better plant health for the crop.  accomplished by reducing the contact that the workers’ hands make with the plants.  This contact  in most cases becomes a means of transmitting pathogens such as virus, bacteria, and fungus with workers’ hands having become the vectors. 

en-tutorado a doble hilera
An example of an espalier trellis in a greenhouse using HORTOMALLAS® plastic tutoring net in a double-panel configuration.  By using this technique, there is less transmission of plant pathogens due to the reduction in physical contact made with the plants.

The other advantage in trellising with HORTOMALLAS® is that the improvement in plant health reduces the need for spraying and this allows crop production to be as organic as possible.

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