Trellis Mesh: Low Price with HORTOMALLAS

Trellis Mesh and the Guaranteed Low Prices from HORTOMALLAS®

Everyone wants to save on input costs by seeking the best price. With HORTOMALLAS®, the Trellis Mesh comes with a Guaranteed Low Price! We produce rolls that are 1500 meters long to reduce costs and pass these savings on to the farmer who needs to watch every penny. Additionally, we are very efficient in our distribution system, avoiding any extra charges for you.

soporte de flores

The HORTOMALLAS® trellis mesh is ideal for supporting cut flowers.

We are your cultivation partners. Trellis

fully aware that our success depends on yours. We aim to be your supplier every time you expand your crops. That’s why we guarantee that our trellis mesh will always be the most economical and of the highest quality. Our commitment is to support the field by passing our savings on to our customers and agricultural partners.}


Best prices in the market Trellis

Our pricing structure offers greater discounts to those who purchase from us in larger quantities. The savings we receive from shipping more rolls together are passed on completely to you, our customers. For this reason, we suggest that neighbors pool their purchases to receive the savings and discounts we provide, making the trellis mesh price as low as possible and your cultivation profitable. Your well-being is the key to our success; you need low costs to make your cultivation as profitable as possible. At HORTOMALLAS®, we commit to being your primary supplier by constantly seeking ways to improve our costs.

Thank you for your trust.

malla espaldera
Example of a double trellis mesh wall. This system reduces the incidence of mechanically transmitted pathogens.

Here’s our price guarantee! If within 30 days of your purchase, you find a better offer on a comparable product, we will refund you the difference plus an additional 33%, thanking you for giving us the opportunity to improve!

  • Malla para Tutorado Sustituto de Rafia
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    Cucumber Trellis Net (square 25x25cm) 2×1500m (80″x4920′, 10″x10″)

    Original price was: MXN $9,049.11.Current price is: MXN $6,514.75. (I.V.A. Incluido)
  • Malla para Tutorado Sustituto de Rafia
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    Espalier Netting substitute of raffia on greenhouse (square 25x25cm) 3×1500m (120″x4920′, 10″x10″)

    MXN $12,634.52 (I.V.A. Incluido)


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