A hexagonal mesh is a relatively affordable and durable source of protection for plants and animals. It is used for different farm practices and is now being used for many agricultural processes.

Hexagonal mesh are adopted because they can be easily built and don’t need much technical expertise. They are also prime choice for many farmers because of their affordability and easy access to cheap materials used in its construction. Much expertise is not needed to build a hexagonal mesh and with little guide almost anyone can build one.

The roles of hexagonal mesh in horticulture, animal production and protection

Hexagonal mesh contributes immensely to improved farming processes, they help in diverse ways. Here are a few:

  • Fencing: It is used in the fencing of a horticulture farm. It is relatively cheap to use hexagonal meshes as fencing material in a horticulture farm. It requires little or no technical know-how to set up. The farmer and a few experienced laborers can set up a mesh fence.
  • Aeration: It also has the advantage of easy aeration. Air can easily pass through from all sides of the farm, thereby promoting gaseous exchange in the farm, hence promoting the growth of the plants.
  • Construction of gabion baskets: Gabion baskets are basically four dimensional structures weaved with hexagonal mesh wires, with beautiful and exotic flowers fixed in the middle. They are used in modern architecture for beautifying houses, and can give a face lift to the design of any building. This practice invariably promotes the horticultural aspect of agriculture.


In animal production, a mesh is used for a large number of factors because of its benefits, which includes:

  • Visibility: Farm birds are known to be quite aggressive and need frequent monitoring by farm personnel in order to prevent fighting among the farm birds and subsequent loss of birds following injuries. This injuries bring economic loss to farmers, thereby reducing their income. A hexagonal mesh solves this, partly, by promoting visibility. In order words, the farmer can see through the fence and monitor his birds. The farmer is then, more equipped to separate such birds, this is very beneficial to farmers who run the deep litter system of farming.
  • Adequate security: In areas notorious for theft, a mesh can be used to keep intruders off, by further supplying it with electricity for adequate protection. It reduces the cost of security for the farmer. Furthermore, a mesh can be used in the protection of farm animals, which include, horses, goats, sheep and so on, supplying a cheap source of fencing.


  • Production of mobile cages: Veterinary personnel, environmental protection agencies and animal owners all require cages for easy transportation of animals. A mesh can be used to construct these cages at a relatively low cost, thereby, promoting easy transportation of animals. This can be used for birds, dogs, cats and other animals.

Hexagonal mesh continues to play a huge role in animal production and protection, horticulture and a host of emerging uses.

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