The importance of crop net support in crop quality improvement

Cucumber crops, crop vines of tomatoes and melons have the ability to crawl all over the field. Not only does this make the field look bushy and untidy, letting these crops crawl all over the place is not the best for their overall development. Therefore, it is now common to see large and small scale farmers, even backyard gardeners provide crop net support for their vine crops.

These crop supports are installed in the farms, just very close to the plants and the plants are tutored on them. They allow the vines to grow upwards instead of crawling on the ground, where they are exposed to damage.

Plant support is important because, it helps the crops develop and produce efficiently.

Before now, farmers used raffia twines and bamboo stakes to train vine crops. However, it has become obsolete and new methods have been developed. The use of crop net trellis is one of such innovations.

Crop net is now preferred because it makes a better support than raffia twine and stakes.

Building a crop support system using stakes or twines alone are labour intensive and take up a lot of time. In addition, it can be easily damaged and requires you setting up a new system every season. However, with the crop net, the reverse is the case.


IT KEEPS THE FIELD TIDY: using a crop net trains the crops to grow upwards instead of crawling all over the place. This keeps the field very tidy. A bushy field provides a hiding space for bush snakes and other reptiles.

IT PROTECTS THE CROPS FROM DAMAGE: growing vine crops traditionally without support put the crops and their fruits at risk of damage.

The vines can be easily stepped on by workers if they are left sprawling carelessly on the ground. This can cause mechanical damage on the vine, resulting to poor growth and development. The damage could also be on the fruits.

Training or turoring ensures the vegetables develop efficiently, and are of good quality.

IT PROTECTS THE CROPS FROM DISEASES: leaving vegetables lying on the ground puts them at risk of fungi and bacterial diseases. These diseases are humidity related, and they are more susceptible them when they are left sprawling on humid moist ground.

Using a crop net trellis removes crops from the ground and protects them from diseases that could occur as a result of unfriendly weather conditions.

IT INCREASES YIELD: using support trellis has been found to increase the yield of these crops.

Growing on the net support allows them to grow upward, exposing them to light, hence optimum yield. However, if they are left on the ground where they are most likely shaded by taller plants, fruit complications and fruit size reduction may become the case.

Crop net is very effective as vine crop trellis. It provides good support to plants at a minimal cost. It is also very easy to construct and install. Already constructed nets made from durable materials can be purchased as well at affordable costs.

Unlike the twine and bamboo stakes, crop net does not cause large scale loss of crops if the supports are accidentally damaged. Neither do they enable mechanical transmission of pathogens.

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