Livestock Shade Can Make Your Livestock Become More Productive

Livestock shade prevents livestock from heat during the summer. They are framed structures for permanently or temporarily providing shade for horses, cows, and other livestock that are terribly affected by sun heat.

Provision of shade is essential in animal farming as heat stress negatively affects cows, horses, sheep and goats. The negative effect of heat stress is noticed as milk production slowly reduces and the growth of livestock gradually becomes stunted. Therefore, a farmer must endeavour to maintain the appropriate temperature for their livestock, which is within the range of 42 degrees Fahrenheit and 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

obamalla used for crops protection
With the Livestock shade you provide to your cattle the best protection, avoiding that dehydration of your animals.

Livestock shades gives horses, cows, sheep and goats the opportunity to enjoy ventilation while also meeting the needs of these livestock because they are comfortable and healthy. Livestock shade consists of steel pipe or wooden material and a polypropylene fabric that guarantees that the livestock is properly protected against heat from sunlight. By erecting a livestock shade, you can become rest assured that your cows, horses, sheep or goats are protected during the day or at night, or during sunlight or rainfall.

Setting up livestock shade for your animal farming

Portable livestock shades are mostly preferred because users can easily move them around and also prevent against overconcentration of animal wastes.  Portable livestock shade is a type of livestock shade while the other type is the permanent livestock shade. Portable livestock shades are usually as big as 25 feet x 42 feet.

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The Portable livestock shade too is a good option for protection against the extreme temperatures.

Permanent livestock shades are ideal for feeding pens but can also be used on pastures. They are affordable to construct unlike the portable protective structure. When setting up a livestock shade, position it in an area with slight slope. This helps in preventing against flood caused by heavy movement of the animals. In addition, be certain to create barriers that will prevent the pond from becoming contaminated by dungs.

Also, leave room for inflow of air by constructing a structure that is over ten feet high. This structure should feature a UV-resistant shade cloth for perfect covering that shields the animals from sunlight rays.

If you opt for permanent livestock shade, create room for easy access to be able to remove manure. The structure must be taller than portable structure and feature solid coverings. The covering is usually expensive to construct and is prone to wind damage, however, it is more durable.

Benefits of Using Livestock Shades

Livestock shade
Avoid the unconfortable situation and use the livestock shade for protection to your cows, horses, and other animals against the dehydration.

Livestock shades are protective frameworks that helps livestock remain healthy and productive. When goats, cows or horses are under the scorching sun, they spend more energy in trying to cope with the uncomfortable situation.

Livestock are usually unproductive when under harsh sun; they are unable to feed properly. Therefore, livestock shade prevents against reduction in milk production that is experienced by farmers when their livestock are exposed to direct sunlight.

Conclusively, Livestock shades ensures that farmers make more profit from healthy livestock as exposure to heat can cause the body weight and mass of livestock to reduce.

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