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Agriculture and vegetables, tutoring systems, trellis netting and support mesh on Facebook

HORTOMALLAS® on Facebook

In this Facebook group you will find contributions on the topic of trellis mesh or cucumber mesh.

Exchange of technical information on the cultivation of vegetables that need a support system and trellis such as HORTOMALLAS®, cucurbits, tomatoes and chilies.


This group aims to promote the exchange of technical-commercial information for farmers on tutoring systems, trellising, meshes, raffia, etc, that are used in vegetable cultivation, with special emphasis on cucumbers, melons, squashes, tomatoes, beans, chilies, zucchini and pumpkins. Whether in the open field or under the protection of a mesh system, in a greenhouse or tunnel, these crops need a guidance system that allows them greater exposure to sunlight than air circulation to prevent botrytis. Both in Latin America and in Europe these crops have been modified for years to reduce the cost of labor. Here is your open forum… Agronomists, Biologists, Permaculturists, Ecologists, Field Managers: welcome! Please refrain from advertising products, this site is only for information exchange.

trellis netting
The use of HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting is recommended in double rows in crops such as peppers, chilies and aubergines as it helps intensify the cultivation and cuts down the labor involved in tying up the crops.
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