Why We Require Support For Horticulture

Support for horticulture – Reasons to use support and netting

Support for horticulture is the best agronomic practice every gardener should adopt. The major reason for cultivation crops is to have a bumper harvest and reduce pest and diseases as much as possible.
The use of support for plants is very vital. You might overlook the importance of providing support when the plant is small and delicate, but as they grow and start fruiting, the strength of the supporting structure will be put to test. In selecting plant support, consider the strength of the material. It has to be sturdy to sustain the weight of the fruits and plant in general.

cucumber crops with support net
With the Support for horticulture you provide to your crops of a better support for a good growth of the plant.

There are many reasons to use support for plants. They include:

  • Harvesting
  • Diseases
  • Limited space
  • sunlight
  • Use of chemicals and fertilizers
tomato crops with support net in greenhouse
With the support avoid the attack of the pathogensd and other dieseases that risk the health of the plant.

How support benefits plant

  • Harvesting

When crops are grown vertically, the fruits can be seen easily. For instance, when cucumbers are supported vertically, you can easily spot and harvest the ripe fruit by standing upright. Bending down regularly to harvest plants can be very stressful. Also, you can easily pinpoint diseased plant and take action when plants are supported vertically.

  • Diseases

When plants are allowed to run on the ground without support, they can easily pick up diseases. When this happens, the gardener will be forced to spend more to tackle the problem. The use of support for horticulture reduces the incidence and spread of diseases. The fruits and leaves are taken off the ground and the gardener can easily spot diseased plants as well.

  • Limited space

We often find ourselves in a situation where limited space prevents us from cultivating more crops. However, this only happens when we intend growing crops without support. Supporting crops vertically is one-way gardeners can cultivate more crops even though the space is not large enough.

  • Sunlight

Light is needed for photosynthesis to take place. When plants are supported vertically, a large portion of the leaves is exposed to sunlight.

Support for horticulture
The vertical suppor can to ease the pickup of the plant.

Plant netting
Netting is also as importing as providing support for plants. Organic gardeners that are much more concern about lowering chemical usage in their garden can rely on netting to protect crops. Netting helps to prevent insect pests from coming into contact with crops and causing havoc. The space in between the net is so small that aphids cannot pass through it. Also, the plant netting creates a form of micro-climate underneath, which protects crops during harsh weather condition.
Support and netting are important gardening practices that must be adopted by gardeners. Supporting plants vertically make them grow well and produce healthy and good quality fruits. While netting, on the other hand, is the best option for organic growers to cultivate crops without using chemicals.

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