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Why vertical garden trellis is the best option

What Gardeners Needs To Know About Vertical Garden Trellis

Many gardeners have benefited greatly from vertical garden trellis. Growing vegetable crops vertically increases yield and makes managing the farm easier. It allows proper air circulation and reduces disease incidence and spread. However, growing crops like tomatoes in cages also protects the fruits from being eaten up by animals.

Many different implements have also been adopted to facilitate the process. Livestock panels for example act as fence and support for tomatoes. While pole bean tipis perform well with bamboo poles. Different vegetable climbers have different support needs. They fall into three categories such as twiners, scramblers, and tendrils.

There is no better way gardeners can utilize every square inch of their land than growing crops vertically. They can cultivate more crops with this technique even though the land is small. The yield will be more than when crops are grown horizontally. For instance, pole beans can produce more beans than the bush varieties. The yield of cucumber also increases when the right trellis is used.

Tomatoes gardeners also need to provide adequate support for their plants. They need to keep them off damp soil to prevent disease or fruit rotting.

vertical garden trellis
The vertical garden trellis provide an improvement for the growth of the crops, being a favorite method of some farmers.

Understanding How Vegetable Crops Climb

Plants that benefit from support use different methods to climb onto and cling to these supports. Some use curling tendrils while other use twining stems.
Crops like cucumber and peas produce tendrils which twist around whatever they meet. In fact, gardeners have plenty of options to choose from when supporting these types of crops. The tendrils will grow out and cling to vertical or horizontal parts of trellises. Hops and pole beans which have twining stems, spiral around their supporting. They also grow steadily upward until it gets to a point where they turn back on themselves.
Tomatoes on the other hand likes throw themselves over whatever is provided as support. These plants have to be trained and also tied to trellises. Wire cages can also be used for tomatoes.

hortomallas net used for crops support
The plants use different methods to climb, getting the best growth and improvement the quality of the plant.

What to look for in a Good Support

Trellises have their own advantages. One of the advantages is that they increase the plant’s leaf-to-fruit ratio by exposing more leaves to sunlight. A great support will also allow the gardener to see as well as reach through the vines to harvest crops without much stress. The support must also be strong enough to hold the weight of the entire plant. Again, the plant should be supported or cling to the support. They should be tied back to the support if they are not growing well on it.

espalier net providing plant support in greenhouse
With the help pf the vertical garden trellis you expose more leaves to sunlight.


Supporting crops vertically is proven to be a highly effective farm management practice. The crops perform well, and yield is increased as well. However, most plants will climb onto anything they see while others like tomatoes need to be trained. The training will ensure that the plant gets used to the support and is tied to it as well. There are lots of benefits in providing support to vegetable climbers.

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