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Why Using Tomato Trellis Is The Best Option

Benefits of using trellis for Tomato plants

Tomato gardening is very easy. Just a few plants will give you plenty of tomatoes at harvest time. It is also a member of the nightshade family and grows up to 3-10 ft.

Tomatoes have a weak stem which is why it often sprawls over the ground. However, the tomato plant is a perennial plant in its native habit but grows as an annual crop in temperate climates. The fruit on average weighs about 100 grams.

As earlier said, the plant is easy to cultivate but can do better with the right agronomic practice. However, one of such practices is by providing vertical support, in form of trellis.

tomato plant with hortomallas support net
The tomato trellis provide the ideal support for that your tomato crops gets the best growth.

Why you need to support tomatoes

Providing support for the plant is one of the best things to do. The plant has weaker stems which may not be able to support the heavy weight of the fruits, especially when it fruits heavily. Thunderstorm and heavy wind can also damage the plant easily when the right support is not provided. This can cause you to incur heavy losses, which could simply be avoided when support is provided.

Growing tomatoes vertically can also make harvesting easier. You can access the fruits easily, without bending down often to strain your waist. In addition to easy harvesting, support will help the fruit stay off the ground. The fruits start to rot faster when allowed to lie on the ground and this reduces the fruit’s quality and general output at harvest. The fruits and leaves can become damaged when the plant is left to remain on the ground. The soil can become waterlogged due to over watering or heavy downpour.

tomato harvest in cropfield with support net
The trellis net provide to your crops the ideal suppor for that the harvest can get the best quality.

Support is also needed if you want to harvest neater and healthier crops. The fruits can become infested with diseases or suffer pest attack when they remain on the ground for too long. The main reason for growing crops is to increase yield. And this can be achieved when the right support is provided for the plant.
Another good reason for providing vertical support is for the plant to receive an adequate amount of sunlight. The leaves are properly directed to receive sunlight, which the plant needs for photosynthesis to occur. Howethings isver, tomatoes are classified as warm-weathered crops, and therefore, require full sun (about 6 hours or more) per day. They benefit a lot from as much sun they can possibly get.

Providing supports for your tomatoes is one gardening practice every tomato grower should adopt. It makes the whole farming process easier and above all, helps the gardener to achieve his or her aim. Also, choose the right support for your crop to start reaping all the benefits.

 tomato trellis support
Without support the tomato crops can become infested with the attack of pathogens or other diseases.
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