Why Using the Anti pigeon net is a great choice

Reasons to Use Anti pigeon netting in a urban setting.

If you are cultivating crops in an area faced with high bird attack on crops, then the permanent solution to the infestation of these pest birds is to install anti pigeon net. The net is very important to gardeners who want to keep pest birds away from their crops. It can also be used to protect other valuables like property and products.
The mind of growers before even planting out is to have a better yield at harvest time. But most gardeners end up not achieving their aim owing to either pest bird attack or poor agronomic practices. Poor agronomic practices can be remedied. So is pest bird control or prevention. But most gardeners do not evaluate nor see the need to use protective measures like anti pigeon net to protect their crops from seedling stage to harvest.

anti pigeon net
Balconies and terraces are places pigeons love to live in! By installing the proper pigeon netting one can prevent diseases and dirt brought by birds.

It is profitable to use this protective measure to secure crops from damages and increase yield. The net is economical considering the damages these pest birds do to crops in gardens. They can feed on the fruits and leaves of plants, causing significant loss of fruit quality and value.  Fruits, birds fed on obviously will lose their value. Buyers don’t value them or place a high price tag on such crops. They usual think the crop was only affected by diseases or that the plant was diseased.
Gardeners planting crops in areas where there is a high concentration of pest birds need to prepare how to protect their crops from bird attack. Especially, when the crops cultivated are the ones that pigeons attack. They will definitely come for them and cause significant losses within a short time.

anti pigeon barrier netting on rafters
Anti pigeon nets are installed easily over rafters or to prevent birds from entering inner patios

Benefits of using anti pigeon net

Netting is Simple to install
The net is very simple to install and once it is installed properly, it doesn’t need maintenance and will protect crops from throughout the season.

UV stabilized
Another benefit of using the net is that it is UV stabilized. It can not be deteriorated by sunlight nor can it be oxidized. UV stability also makes it last longer.

Allows light and moisture
Crops grown under the net perform well because it allows sunlight and moisture to get to crops. Sunlight is necessary for photosynthesis to occur. Moisture is also very necessary for plants to do well. With all these available to crops when they are still under protection from bird attack, they tend to perform well and have a better yield.

Durable and lightweight
It is interesting to know that the UV stabilized net is not only durable but lightweight. This makes installation over a large field easier for gardeners. It is also flexible and can be cut to suit the size or shape of crops.
The anti pigeon net is very effective for growing crops in areas faced with increased pest bird attack. It is economical and very easy to install.

Pigeon barrier netting used on a roof.
Pigeon barrier netting installed over roofs prevents these birds from nesting and soiling with feathers and excrements our houses

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