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Why Training Vegetable Plants Is Necessary

Reasons Training vegetable plants is important

chili crops tutoring by hortomallas support net
A crop trained, improvement considerably the quality of your crops.

Most growers allow their vegetable plants to grow on the ground without comparing the effect it has on yield. Apart from yield, there are other reasons why training vegetable plants are one of the best agronomic practices. Training is basically to provide support as most crops cannot naturally grow and locate the stakes by themselves. Trained crops usually perform well. They make farm operations such as weed removal, fertilizer application and mulching easier.
However, training helps plants to achieve the following:

  • Increased Yield

The number one goal of every grower is to increase yield by any means. But then cost most be reduced as much as possible. By training crops like vegetables, this can be achieved easily because those that bear fruits such as tomatoes and cucumbers will be off the ground. The fruits are prevented from getting spoilt and quality sustained till harvest time.

  • Sunlight

Light is very crucial to the growth and yield of vegetables. It is one problem handicapping many farmers. With shades from surrounding trees or buildings, plants can still be directed to receive an adequate amount of sunlight for the day. Vegetables require full daylight all day. Given less amount of light and they grow lanky and perform very badly. They might also fail to crop entirely.

Training vegetable plants
If you train your crops, get that the plant has a good growth and will get the best harvest.
  • Cultivate more crops

Every grower would like to maximize available space and cultivate more crops. But this cannot be achieved unless the garden is managed properly. Another reason to train vegetables is to cultivate more in a small garden. There will also be enough space for the crops to grow since each of them are not allowed to remain on the ground.

  • Weed management

Weed management is one crucial aspect of growing crops. Weeds can reduce yield, and harbor insects and pests that spread diseases. They can also compete for available light, nutrient and water with plants. Trained crops can overshadow and suppress weeds. They grow more foliage and deprive weeds of adequate sunlight, which results in poor growth and death of weeds. It also makes weed removal easy for the farmer, both when the plant is tender and ripe for harvest.

  • Harvesting

One reason to train vegetables is for easy harvesting. Whether you are using machine or harvesting manually, it will make it easier to move around the garden. There is also a possibility of harvesting better fruit quality because they are off the ground.
There are many reasons to train vegetable plants. Apart from high yield and better exposure to sunlight, it also reduces the spread of diseases because of proper circulation and spacing between crops.

espalier support net used in cropfield
At the time of harvest, will result easier gather the harvest.
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