Why poultry mesh is relevant

Reasons for the wide application of poultry mesh

If you are planning on venturing into the poultry business, you also have to strategize on how to protect your poultry birds from possible attacks. Birds allowed to free range including the ones raised in cages also need protection from predators. By using the appropriate means to secure your birds, the returns will always make you happy and encouraged to continue in the business.
Protection is necessary whether you are raising birds for meat or egg. Snakes can feed on eggs when they have access to them. Their presence may also frighten birds and cause flight and fright in them. This will affect the profit of your poultry business and also reduce output too.

chicken corral with poultry mesh
A movable chicken corral build with wood frames and chicken mesh can be easily moved in the garden allowing a semi-free range grass fed egg production.
example of a movable corral build with chicken wire mesh
A movable and folding chicken corral built with poultry mesh.

Poultry mesh can be effectively used to protect poultry birds from predators. The mesh creates the enabling environment for birds to thrive without facing threats from predators. It also prevents predators from coming in contact with the birds. Rodents and other birds from the wild can spread diseases when they come in contact with poultry birds. This is another reason why using the mesh is important as it saves your poultry birds from contracting diseases.

chicken coop build with wood and poultry mesh
Chicken coop built with wood and poultry meshes to protect our hens from predators like foxes and racoons.

Advantageous Property of Poultry Mesh

There are many advantages that make this protective item to stand out. Other protective products are available but the mesh stands out for certain reasons. Below are some of the reasons using mesh to protect poultry birds is a great choice for business owners.

poultry mesh used in the backyard with free range chicken
Plastic poultry mesh like CHICKENMALLA is used in backyards with free range chicken cleaning the grounds from insects and bugs.

1.    Its flexibility
One of the exceptional qualities or advantageous properties of the mesh is its flexibility. Unlike other materials used for protecting poultry, the mesh is very flexible. This makes it much easier to handle and use. The flexibility of the product also makes it more valuable too.

free range grass fed chicken with poultry mesh netting.
Poultry netting is used to move corrals around and allow fresh pastures every day to our chicken army.

2.    Cost-effective
Every business is set up to make profits and one way to make more profit is to reduce spending. Using chicken wire to secure birds in poultry business has lots of advantages and above all, it is also cost effective. The cost of installation, as well as the installation process itself, is not so demanding. The mesh is reasonably priced and compared to the damages predators can do to one’s poultry, using it is a great option.

3.    Strength and ductility
There are so many reasons many people are drawn to using this mesh to secure their livestock. Its strength and ductility are part of the reasons. It also has an exceptional ability to withstand the extremes of weather including harsh weather changes. It can also withstand the pressure animals may mount on it.

4.    Proper ventilation
It is a great idea to protect poultry from predators but one should also consider the health of his or her livestock. One good reason why people use the mesh is due to the fact that it permits proper ventilation. With proper ventilation, birds grow in a healthy state. Proper ventilation also prevents disease build up and spread among the livestock.
It is a great idea to secure your livestock from predators. It is very simple to use and cleaning of the cage can also be done with ease. Choose the appropriate mesh to secure your livestock and increase the returns on your investment.

poultry wire mesh in the yard
Raising chicken is easy moving poultry mesh around.

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