Why landscape fabric is still relevant

Is landscape fabric still relevant?

Many people shy away from cultivating crops, especially in commercial quantity because of the stress and inputs involved. The stress does not only rest on planting but other activities after planting. There are factors that affect crop performance after planting out. Apart from natural causes, others like weeds still exist. Weeds are serious problems in crop cultivation. They multiply throughout the garden and can even outgrow crops sometimes. They are even more deadly when the crop is still at a tender age. They outgrow the crop and develop features that make them compete favorably for available nutrient, water, sunlight, and space.

weed fabric installed on crops
Weeds are a terrible threat to crops, so it is important to stop their growth.

Landscape fabric has remained the major tool farmers use to make their gardens weed-free. The fabric or ground cloth helps to suppress weed seeds and deprive them of sunlight which they need to germinate. Weeds also harbor pathogens that can cause diseases. They act as agent and also attract insects that cause harm to crops and reduce yield. Eliminating weeds from the farm is one major benefit of using fabric for landscape. The fabric is also sturdy and durable and can be used for many growing seasons if installed properly.
Landscape fabric has also proven very successful in controlling erosion, especially during construction. It sometimes works well when used as a permanent cover for very steep slopes. Fabrics of different brands have also been made available for areas like floating islands, streamside protection as well as for drainage use.

landscape fabric on garden
The landscape fabric offers multiple advantages since in addition to being a good option to eradicate weeds, it also helps to control erosion.

The fabric can also be used for long and short-term protection from weed. It can be used to cover the earth with a potted crop growing on top. The benefit of this is that the weeds have nothing to grow in. There is no mulch or soil present, so they have nothing to grow in.

The ability of the fabric to hold soil moisture thereby preventing the soil from going dry also makes the fabric a wise choice. Besides the fact that they retain moisture, the fabric also stabilizes the soil and aids filtration.

Choosing Landscape Fabric

The fabric is now available in different flavors. It can be spun bond or woven, and also differ considerably in their weight, permeability, strength, life expectancy and a host of other factors. A lot about fabric making has changed. We now have fabrics made of stronger and long lasting materials with greater UV-resistance. However, you need to choose the fabric that is suitable for the application. There are different types so choose based on the crop, and method of cultivation either potted or growing directly in raised beds, and the growing season.  These are important factors to consider when choosing fabric for crop production. The material also comes in different degree of thickness for gardeners to choose on basis of how long they want it to last.

weed fabric used for avoid the weed growth
This type of fabric offers multiple benefits for your crops.

Every gardener wants better yield and to manage their gardens smoothly with less stress. The use of fabrics has proved very successful in different applications and for different growers, so adopting it will be a major boost to new and assisting growers who are yet to do so.

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