HORTOMALLAS plant support mesh size crop netting

Why a larger sized mesh is better for your crop support netting?

Being the leading brand in vegetable support netting, HORTOMALLAS asked our team of agronomists and biologist to design and come up with the best design in horticulture support net, and the ideal and better design for crop support netting was a larger sized mesh.

HORTOMALLAS has a mesh size of 25×25 cm (10″x10″) which makes it the best alternative to agricultural raffia in cucurbitaceae and solonaceae crops.  The larger mesh opening allows the laborer to work both sides of the trellis system by just sticking his hand

larger sized mesh
HORTOMALLAS a 10″x10″ mesh size is ideal for cucurbits and solonaceae as a raffia alternative. A larger mesh size allows pruning and harvesting without aprasion to the fruits and plants, and it reduces time as the worker can work two furrow at the time. solonaceas es la mejor opción tecnica en alternativa a la rafia.

thru the meshes during pruning, fastening or harvesting, all of which are common tasks in a field of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers or even beans!  With a  tensile strength of over 60 Kilos per linear meter (40 Lbs/ft),  HORTOMALLAS exceeds by far the needs of any seasonal vegetable crop.

The fruit is not damaged once harvested, nor are the flowers broken in these operations.  You reduce waste and save the number of passes the workers have to walk thru the furrows.  By not frictioning the laborer´s hands against the leaves or fruits in a confined small opening that would damage the plant you increase the plant´s life and so the number of fruits you can pick, and the netting is preserved in better shape in case you chose to re-use it in the following cycle!

trellis net mesh size
HORTOMALLAS´mesh size makes it easy to prune and harvest, without damaging teh plant or the fruits.
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