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White trellis netting for vegetable and flower support?  Why is HORTOMALLAS white?

White trellis netting for vegetable and flower support? Why is HORTOMALLAS white?

In this article we explain why we chose to manufacture HORTOMALLAS® in white, and why a white trellis netting is your best choice!

Which is the best color for a trellis net or flower tutor net?  White Trellis Netting? How to decide!?

Trellis netting in greenhouse
The color of the lattice network most used is the color white.

BLACK is the color that contains the best UV stabilizer for polymers against UV ray degradation… the problem with a black net is very serious if such net were to be used for tutoring and trellising: 1) as it absorbed IR the mesh heats up and can damage the plant 2) as the mesh heats up it can loose its strength and yield a few % points under the weight of the plant and its fruits 3) the great majority of recycled polypropylene ends up being black, therefore the end product will be of a lesser quality as far as tension and UV resistance and 4) and this is the most important point.. black is hardly visible in the early or late hours of the day (usually one prefers to harvest in the early hours as the fruits or flowers will resent less the cutting) and by not being easily visible it is most prone to accidental cuts than brighter colors.

YELLOW is a very visible color but may attract insects that are disease vectors, plus yellow will fade and lose physical characteristics of the netting.

RED is definitely the worst color when it comes to plastics, it fades right away and will brittle your mesh, never chose red in agricultural plastics exposed to the sun!

GREEN… so far would be the best color, but it camouflages among the plant branches and leaves so it could easily be cut and damages by mistake during pruning or harvesting.

WHITE this is the color you should use.  The base color of most virgin polymers is white, and most of the cases it will contain UV inhibitors directly in the master batch.  Plus you will be able to notice easily the gloss of the netting.  Remember a virgin PP will always gloss but a net that contains even a small percentage of recycled material will be opaque.  A white trellis netting will be the most noticeable color during the early harvesting and pruning hours therefore reducing accidental cuts to the netting structure

Moral of the story…  after 35+ years of trial and error it is confirmed… WHITE IS THE BEST COLOR FOR TUTORING NETS

white trellis netting
The advantage of the white lattice network is because its brightness is easy to see and therefore the risk of cutting the plants or ruining the fruits decreases.

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