What kinds of camo net can currently to be found on the market place?

Camaleon® camo net, also known as camouflage net and military net,  offers a wide selection for many different natural settings.

HORTOMALLAS® has launched CAMALEON® (Spanish for chameleon), its line of shade cloth with patterns that mimic like military camouflage.  Be it for camouflage in a woods, in tropical jungles, deserts or rocky areas, or right on the beach or in snow, camo nets make possible a perfect hiding place under any compromising situation or simply make possible the expression of an aesthetic preference for the natural-looking.  Not only do they serve to hide from the sight of the enemy, they also serve to provide shade and rest to the personnel under these shade cloths.


The CAMALEON® fabric is of the highest quality and is UV protected.  This means that after many years of continual use in the sun, it will still provide the same camouflage characteristics with the same color patterns and no discoloring.  And our products have a thickness of 210D and 400D. Others on the market tend to be 150D which means that our nets are tougher and more durable.

CAMALEON® mimetic networks

The CAMALEON® camo nets come in various sizes and include a net fabric on top that provides mechanical support for the camo net and due to the undulations and shadows that are created by it in the colored patterns, the observer is confused and protection is provided against drones, airplanes, helicopters, and satellites for equipment, personnel, and vehicles under the net. The perimeters of the camouflage net come reinforced with a hem that have cords sticking out every 20 cm (~8 inches) that can be used for installing or hanging up the net between trees, vehicles, or support-specific structures.  The undulations in the camouflage fabric allow different parts of the same fabric to fall at different angles, creating the same effects of shadows and half-light that would be found on a rocky hillside or in a vegetative environment. In addition to the standard sizes, the nets can also be made to order to the desired size and even using flame retardant fabric, but, of course, at an additional cost.

The nets for the military shader CAMALEON®

CAMALEON® Camo net is used by (in addition to military and police forces during their normal work) hunters who need to create a refuge for themselves so that they can get closer to their prey, gotcha players who want to protect themselves from opposing teams, and by jeep owners and scout groups that are looking for a way to hide themselves, blend in with the natural environment and remain visually undetectable and, thus, not scare off wildlife.

Porqué comprar malla camuflaje militar CAMALEON®comparativa

CAMALEON®  has diverse models of camo net in accordance with your needs

We have available a wide range of military net perfectly suited for any biome or even to provide elegant shade with style for terraces, restaurants, bars, recreational areas, patios, car ports, parking lots, etc., allowing the breeze to pass through in order to provide a cooler environment.

CAMALEON® Camo Net Sizes
WOODS2x3m6.6 x 9.8210D
3x5m9.8 x 16.4
4x5m13.1 x 16.4
8x8m26.2 x 26.2400D
1.5x200m4.9 x 656
JUNGLE2x3m6.6 x 9.8210D
3x5m9.8 x 16.4
4x5m13.1 x 16.4400D
8x8m26.2 x 26.2
1.5x200m4.9 x 656
DESERT4x5m13.1 x 16.4210D
8x8m26.2 x 26.2400D
1.5x200m4.9 x 656
SAND (pearl yellow)4x5m13.1 x 16.4210D400D
8x8m26.2 x 26.2400D
1.5x200m4.9 x 656
SNOW (white)4x5m13.1 x 16.4210D
8x8m26.2 x 26.2400D
1.5x200m4.9 x 656

colors for different uses

For color, the WOODS model has two tones of dark green (olive green and chromium oxide green) and a tone of brown (that of naturally shaded earth) in organic shapes (whose shapes are constructed with free curves, are fluid, and inspired by nature) of approximately 0.15m² (1.6 sq ft), which, together with the undulations and the shadings that these create, produce an ideal imitation of wooded areas and when installed among trees we will not be detected underneath this camo net by any patrol vehicle.

tela camuflaje militar mimética para exteriores CAMALEON
We have available diverse sizes of camo net, including sizes sufficient for covering large areas.

The JUNGLA model

The JUNGLE model comes with a pattern of 4 colors:  the green of leaves, which is the predominant color of this net, has organic shapes of about 0.15m² (1.6 sq ft), an ocher brown with spots of about  0.035m² (0.38 sq ft), the green of grass with shapes of  0.01m² (0.11 sq ft), and black with shapes of about 0.005m² (0.05 sq ft).  Due to the greater complexity of this model and its its clearer tones, it allows the same camouflage effect to be achieved in jungle areas, in areas with a great variety of vegetation, or with varying wildlife species.  This makes possible outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, bird watching, and others.

red de camuflaje selva extendida
The CAMALEON® camo net is easy to put up and adapts to any surface or support structure.

The DESIERTO model

The DESERT model also comes with a complex pattern of 4 colors, a pale brown, which is the predominant color in this net, with organic shapes of about  0.15m² (1.6 sq ft), a copper with spots of about  0.035m² (0.38 sq ft), a clear green olive with shapes of  0.010m² (0.11 sq ft), and a very dark walnut brown with shapes of about  0.005m² (0.05 sq ft).  This model is applicable to arid biomes where flora is sparse and dispersed and where most of the surface is composed of sand, stones, pebbles, or rocks.  This is the type of military net that the military tends to use in the desert on the border between Mexico and the United States.

malla privacidad camuflaje en terrazas
The CAMALEON® camo net even gets used as a privacy net, blending in with the structure on which it is installed.

The ARENA model

The SAND model comes in a uniform color that evokes the beige/yellow/pearl silicon sands of many beaches.  Thanks to these tones, along with the undulations of the net, shading is produced similar in aspect to the small dunes created by the wind on the beach.  Finally!  A bit of rest when we need protection from the heat on the beach.  Enough of dehydration of personnel or the participants in an outing!  These nets, installed over a structure of posts and cables, are ideal for primary shade as a temporary outing shelter.  It can also be installed vertically to block the sun in the early morning or late afternoon.  It is ideal shading in good taste for a beach club.

malla sombra CAMALEON® camuflaje en la playa, descanso
On the beach, prolonged exposure to the sun can be harmful and tiring, even when using sun screen.  Thanks to the CAMALEON® camouflaged shade cloth, comfortable areas can be created to continue the party , allowing the breeze to flow through the camouflage net.

The NIEVE model

The SNOW model is the most refreshing of all since the white color reflects the sunlight without darkening very much what is under it.  This type of camouflaged shade cloth gets used primarily as military net in snowy environments but its more ordinary use is to provide shade for restaurant terraces and patios or for beach clubs and their bar areas.  This model is quite common in the bars of chic tourist areas on the Mediterranean Sea because, while providing refreshing shade, it also allows the sea breeze to flow through, thus assuring the comfort of the guests.  When this WHITE shade cloth is used in a rustic but elegant architectural setting such as thatched roof shelters or with canes, the mix is an unsurpassed mix of the aesthetic and functional.

malla sombra para hoteles, comedores, bares
In spite of being a camouflage net for snow, this specific design turns out to be quite elegant and relaxing on exteriors.  It gets used a lot by hotels and bars because of its elegance.

Models stamped with flowers

Currently we have available patterns of bougainvillea, ficus, and jasmine.  These models of the CAMALEON® camo net come stamped on both sides of the net so that those using its shade as well as those passing by can enjoy its unique, relaxing, and enchanting design.  Thanks to its undulations and unique design the illusion is created of a natural vegetative environment, but, unlike its organic counterpart, these require no costly and labor-intensive maintenance.  They also do not attract bothersome insects and allow breezes to flow through.

These designs tend to be commonly used in hotels, restaurants, bars, parking lots, patios, or any outdoor structure where shade is desirable while at the same time creating a welcoming setting with a natural profile.

Mallas miméticas CAMALEON® con estampado de hojas ficus y flores buganbilias
CAMALEON® camo net stamped with ficus leaves and bougainvillea flowers.

Did you not find the model or size that you are looking for?  Browse our store to view more choices of size and design.  Or you can also contact us to let us advise you.

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