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Using trellis netting you reduce the number of posts and stakes as compared to raffia


Raffia requires cutting down too many posts and stakes, using HORTOMALLAS one may reduce the number of posts needed for trellising crops

It has been proven over years of empirical experience that farmers are able to reduce the number of posts and stakes they need in order to support their vegetable crops when using HORTOMALLAS trellis netting.  The only thing you will need is a good upper tensioning cable well anchored into the ground at both extremities of each furrow, so that posts can be distanced up to 10 meters apart (depending on soil conditions, weather, type of cultivar, and type of posts and the depth it has been driven into the ground and possibly the presence of two main posts at the heads of the furrow).Once you sum up the labor savings (installation and subsequent tutoring and guidance of the plants), the savings in chemicals as better phytosanitary conditions will  protect the plants from pathogens, a great yield and the overall better quality of the crops, anybody will realize that using HORTOMALLAS will definitely improve the bottom line for the horticulturist.There is a worldwide trend among local governments to implement campaigns aimed at protecting endemic species and giving out incentives to stimulate reforestation.  For most farmers using stakes and posts cut (legally or not) in nearby fields or mountains is a main component of the crop implements needed for supporting vegetables.  These are literally  hundreds of millions of posts that could have helped prevent landslides, retain water, absorb CO2 etc.  By using HORTOMALLAS trellis netting one reduces substantially the number of posts and stakes needed in their fields as compared to when using raffia to guide and train plants.Besides the obvious cost savings in reducing the number of stakes for planting, by using HORTOMALLAS you will also increase your productivity and crop yields, by improving air flow and reducing pathogens, and mechanical transmission of diseases. 

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HORTOMALLAS produce y promueve mallas agrícolas (espaldera, entutorado y soporte de hortalizas) que mejoran la calidad de los cultivos. Nuestra Misión es: AUMENTAR LA RENTABILIDAD DE LOS CULTIVOS DE HORTALIZAS QUE NECESITEN TUTOREO Y SOPORTE USANDO MALLAS EN LUGAR DE RAFIA TENDIDA MANUALMENTE Desde 1994 ayudamos agricultores a mejorar sus cultivos de pepinos, tomates, melones, calabazas, frijoles, chiles, pimientos y mas hortalizas que necesiten espalderas. HORTOMALLAS es un sistema perfecto para que las cucurbitaceas y solonaceas tengan mejores condiciones fitosanitarias, incrementando exposición solar y grados brix. A parte el obvio decremento del costo de la mano de obra y de agroquímicos, usando HORTOMALLAS se logra extender la vida util de la planta, así permitiendo cosechar mas producto y de mejor calidad! Hablenos, nuestros agronomos les brindarán atención especializada en toda Iberia y las Américas!

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