Use of Groundcover in Greenhouses

Weed control by using ground cover fabric

Perhaps you are one of those people who thinks that indoor spaces are one of the worst places for planting and growing crops due to certain unexpected outbreaks of weeds, but there is no need to worry:  ground cover fabric will make you change your mind.  When speaking of indoor spaces, generally we mean places in which we want to grow certain plants, vegetables, or any agricultural crop that requires special care in order to protect it from the inclement conditions of the sun, rain, and air.  For this task, greenhouses are your primary ally regardless of their size, even if you want one to be your dream home garden or want one for a large area for commercial cropping.

malahierba groundcover colocada sobre arboles
MALAHIERBA® ground cover fabric from HORTOMALLAS® is a practical and adaptable fabric.

safety and security

Como bien sabe la tela groundcover para invernaderos es sinónimo de seguridad, prevención y tranquilidad incluso para los lugares más pequeños si lo que desea cubrir es su pequeño jardín trasero o como ya mencionamos antes también es la tela para el perfecto control de maleza en invernaderos por ser los espacios más grandes. Así pues la versatilidad que le ofrece el tejido groundcover de MALAHIERBA® es de primera calidad ya que le permitirá controlar esos focos interminables de maleza que pueden ir apareciendo a lo largo del proceso de germinación de sus plantas y hortalizas.

campo de cultivo con MALAHIERBA® ground cover
Clearing the crop ground  will make better weed control possible for the ground cover fabric.

Groundcover mesh for greenhouses

This ground cover fabric is ideal for growing your produce business since you will easily be able to get fruits or vegetables with rapid growth and, unlike without ground cover, your peace of mind won’t be perturbed in the process.  The best suited crops for this type of area are fruits, such as oranges, because they rapidly become fruit-bearing as well as tomatoes and other crops that require height in order to get the most out of them.  It is of vital importance that the crop ground is well defined and laid out so that, whatever the crop, it can expand to its maximum reach and result in greater income, if growing your business is what you want to do.  On the other hand, if what you want is to maximize the cultivation of more tricky plants or flowers, ground cover fabric will also take charge of the task.  Regardless of your objective, only a few steps will be needed in order to make groundcover in greenhouses your best ally:

invernadero usando la tela ground cover
Preventing weed growth, by using groundcover in greenhouses, will help crops to grow and develop properly.

Pasos para el área limpia y mejorar el trabajo

  • Clearing the crop ground.  Obviously in order to have a cropping area in perfect condition and clear of weeds or any other foreign object, first the area must be cleared!  It may sound a bit strange, but but if we want to get the most out of the MALAHIERBA® groundcover in greenhouses, the main thing is to eliminate both deep and surface roots.  Although normally these would grow back in little time, with the wonderful weed control fabric in your possession, this will not come to pass.  Once laid down on soil that was previously cleared, weeds will not grow back for many years, since they will not be able to feed themselves.  This way you will not need to again endure weeds and their bothersome outbreak in your greenhouse, nor in your cropping ground. 
  • Rolling it out and cutting openings.  For this step all that you need to do is roll out the fabric the length of the greenhouse or the length of the desired area, always keeping in mind the divisions that are needed.  You can carefully make openings in the ground cover fabric.  These openings will vary in diameter depending on the intended crop.  There are those that tend to grow bigger around with major strength while there are others whose growth is entirely vertical.  Such is the case with some flowers that will not take up much space.  If, on the other hand, your greenhouse is set up for potted plants, cutting openings will not be necessary since the plants will grow in containers and not in the soil.
  • Controlling watering, temperature, and wind.  The openings to the exterior that your greenhouse has will work in tandem with the ground cover fabric that is in place since it will regulate excessive cooling or heating of the soil and of the entire zone in general.  At the same time it will provide your crops sunlight and the most comfortable environment possible for their optimum development.

Product Care

Once these steps have been taken, the only other thing that needs to be done is to monitor the status of your produce and the direction and available space for its growth.  An additional benefit of groundcover in greenhouses is that the appearance of insects that might infiltrate your precious space in the greenhouse will be greatly reduced since the ground cover fabric has a special material in order to repel these pests from your soil.

Malla groundcover para invernaderos
Ground cover fabric covers so that the plant can manage to have proper growth

Greenhouse advantages

All of these advantages can be improved depending on the base, or, better put, what kind of material that the greenhouse is made of.  If it has a wooden base, many cropping strategies can be applied, although there, of course, will also be different threats for each kind of material.  In the case of wood, termites and moths could be a headache in the long run for the base, but don’t worry:  these won’t be a problem since the fabric will not only protect your crops but will also provide extra security for your base. 

Just imagine your perfect greenhouse or your dream garden and ground cover fabric will make sure that it becomes a reality.  Better yet, once your objectives have been met, the fabric lets you use it for new cropping plans that you draw up since it can last for quite a while yet after having been used for the first time. It all makes it your perfect ally.