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Is having two strands edge (instead of one) at the extremities of your trellis netting a good thing?

Is having two strands edge (instead of one) at the extremities of your trellis netting a good thing?

Contrary to what we might think at simple sight and logic, having a two strands edge almost near each others at the extremities of the trellis net is not an advantage or a sign of quality, on the contrary it proves this product was manufactured with 1960s technology, if some day you run into this type of netting prove it by yourself:

two strands edge
If you acquire a lattice network that has a two-wire edge that are almost next to the ends of the network, it is not a quality network.


you will have the funniest surprised face when you will be able to break that net as it it were a sheet of paper!  This happens when the strands that are near each other in a trellis netting have not been oriented and this causes the product to be a lot weaker; also you may notice that this class of products (usually coming from Spain or China) have not the same type of gloss as HORTOMALLAS®, this being a clear sign that the net is made with a high percentage of recycled and second grade polymers, that should not be in charge of supporting your crop as a net failure could be most expensive mistake you ever made!  You need a tough product for your fields, something that can take the abuse of the sun, chemicals and the distraction of your employees

trellis netting
Another thing that can be noticed of the trellis meshes that are not of good quality is the brightness which is a sign that the mesh is made of recycled polymers.

At HORTOMALLAS® you are guaranteed a high quality lowest price purchase, protect your field investment buying top grade materials at low prices, with HORTOMALLAS® you will not pay more for the HORTOMALLAS® quality.  You might ask how can HORTOMALLAS® be such a low cost supplier?  We are the most efficient manufacturer and distributor and we pass along the savings!

trellis net for vegetable support
On the other hand, acquiring the HORTOMALLAS® trellis mesh is the best option because it guarantees a high quality purchase with the most economical price that provides a high protection to the crop.

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