Trellising with Green Beans Mesh

Advantages of a Crop Support for Green Beans

Providing a crop support for green beans consists of putting sticks, posts, canes, or stakes near the plants so that they can grow vertically by supporting themselves on the upright structure rather than spreading out on the ground where they might get stepped on.  At the same time space is saved in the garden or produce plot.  Commercial produce growers also use green beans mesh as a crop support by using it to trellis their crops.

Trellising with a green beans mesh from HORTOMALLAS® is an essential practice for maintaining the plant upright.  Otherwise, some stems could easily split and break.  HORTOMALLAS®

malla guisantes arvejas
HORTOMALLAS® green beans mesh is ideal for a crop support by trellising for legumes such as green beans and pod peas.

Also gets used for growing peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper, etc.  There are different ways of doing it ranging from simple to quite complex.  In general posts are used as uprights to support trellis netting which gets fastened down at the bottom close to the stem of the plant.  Raffia (a natural-fiber twine) still gets used some, but, because of plant health issues, it is advisable to use HORTOMALLAS® netting instead.  The netting is often put up after the second month or when the plants are 25 to 35 centimeters (10 to 14 inches) in height  and the plant is beginning to put out branches.  Not sooner, because the stem might get broken and not much after, because the plants will be more difficult to attach and leaves and branches get broken off.  Green beans have a guide system which enables them to climb the netting by themselves.

malla soporte de guisantes
Trellis netting as a crop support for legumes such as pod peas and green beans.

Trellising can be done outdoors by making a double walled trellis, one wall on each side of the row of plants, close enough to allow the plants to attach themselves.  In greenhouses, plants are more tender and grow higher, which is the reason for using trellising in order to make caring for the crop easier and to improve air flow through the crop.  In greenhouses vertical, double-walled trellising is used for each row of plants.  HORTOMALLAS® netting with 25 centimeter (10 inch) squares is used.  This is the most functional and simple-to-install method since no labor is required for training the plant to the trellis.

Gallery of trellis netting being used for green beans and dry beans

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