Trellising with Cucumber Trellis Netting

A Healthier Crop with a Cucumber Trellis

The cucumber suffers from basically two types of diseases:  viral and fungal.  Cucumber trellis netting helps to lower the incidence of both pathogens.  When trellising is done using raffia twine, the plant is subjected to manipulation that, aside from stressing the plant and obligating it to rearrange its leaves in order to maximize photosynthesis,

Field of vegetable plants
The HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting improves plant health for this cucurbitaceae.

puts it into excessive contact with workers’ hands and exposes the plant to the risk of being contaminated with a bacterial or viral infection due to a plant affected by the pathogen having been handled previously.

Fallen cucumber plant
Complications in the fruits when one does not use a trellis net, such as curving and reduction in size.

This type of contamination can spread exponentially and devastate a crop, be it outdoors or in a greenhouse.  It is occasioned every time one needs to tie up and train the plant to the natural-fiber raffia twine.  In contrast, allowing the cucumber to grow naturally between the squares of cucumber trellis netting, gives better economical and plant-health results.

Cucumber rafia
Substituting raffia twine with HORTOMALLAS® trellising net for cucumbers, guarantees better control of plant health.

HORTOMALLAS® cucumber trellis netting can be installed in little time (see video) with one third the man hours necessary when making trellising with the traditional raffia twine.  HORTOMALLAS® also lasts a lot longer than twine, which means that it can be used for several crop cycles.  It can be incorporated into a crop rotation plan, alternating cucumbers with other species such as legumes that add nutrients to the soil.

HORTOMALLAS® cucumber trellis netting capitalizes on the propensity of the cucumber plant to seek out its own points of support in order to grow upright and healthily.  

Cucumber plant with espalier mesh
The use of a cucumber trellis net such as HORTOMALLAS® guarantees that the crop will fully develop and result in the expected financial returns, without damages caused by rain or moisture which are so common in this phase of drastic weather changes.


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