Trellising: Using trellis netting increases your profits.

HORTOMALLAS®, the most profitable trellis netting for farmers.

HORTOMALLAS® Trellising ensures that your crops are profitable by manufacturing and distributing the most efficient trellis netting you can find. The precisely measured and constructed squares tailored to the needs of each crop facilitate pruning, guiding, and harvesting tasks.

The size of the square in the HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting makes pruning and harvesting tasks easier

The HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting is reusable for several crop cycles. Trellising

allowing the horticulturist to amortize their investment over multiple cycles. Unlike raffia, HORTOMALLAS® lasts for many cycles without compromising the quality of the trellising, as its structure prevents harmful microorganisms and insects from taking refuge and resisting pesticide applications.

The HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting vertically guides and supports the stems of cut flowers.

Whether HORTOMALLAS® is used in floriculture as support for stem growth.

installed horizontally over flower beds to cultivate upright flowers with high commercial value, or vertically as a trellis for vegetables, this trellis netting proves to be very cost-effective and advantageous compared to traditional stringing methods. Apart from the labor savings, it can be reused multiple times, thus recovering the investment over several crop cycles.

Using HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting instead of twine reduces mechanically transmitted viruses by workers.

Another advantage of using HORTOMALLAS® for trellising is the phytosanitary management.

By erecting the plants and improving the airflow between them, the incidence of pathogens favored by humidity is reduced. Perhaps the most important and often overlooked aspect is the reduction in mechanical transmission of viruses, bacteria, and fungi by workers. When trellising with HORTOMALLAS®, the labor required for guiding the plants is reduced, allowing the plants themselves to grow within the trellis netting squares.

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