Growing tomatoes can be very challenging when the right technique is not use.

Tomato branches can grow to towering heights, and can’t provide themselves with the necessary support especially when their fruits start sprouting.

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Trellising have be find to be one of the best methods of training tomatoes. This method provides tomatoes with needed firm support. Enough spacing for circulative airflow and sunlight keeping the canopy drier which encourages. Quick ripening and less rot less risks of foot trafficking enhanced pest and disease control. Tomato support produces clean and good looking crops of high quality and because of the calculated spaces in it. The stems can be easily prune, fruits harvest and reduce to the barest minimum. The risks of diseases that thrive in overcrowded environment. Tutoring tomatoes should be do only when you are set for large scale farming.

Tutoring can be see as the act of making a garden frame work. Which provides support and partitioning to a common area especially an area used for growing vines or other climbing crops.

Lattice mesh for Tomatoes
Using the trellis net is one of the best methods to tutoring tomatoes.

Types of Tomatoes Trellising System

Tutoring tomatoes can be do in diverse ways, but we are going to discuss the two major types. Using these systems in any garden will depend on the growth behavior of the plant, the tomato variety. As well as the gardener’s needs and resources.

Stake-and-Wire or Hanging String System

This type of tutoring is best use for indeterminate type of tomatoes. Pruning is very important to tomato plants especially those with clusters and this system makes this operation easier. Another advantage of using this system is that it can be use both in field and in protected-culture-settings.
This method however is labor intensive and works well only for indeterminate tomatoes.

Tomato mesh system
Using a stake with the lattice net facilitates the handling and pruning of plants.

Florida Weave Tomatos Trellis system

This method is commonly use for determinate tomatoes because determinate tomatoes do not need much of pruning but can be a difficult method when used for indeterminate tomato plants. It can be use both in the field and in-house gardening and it saves labor. Determinate and semi-determinate tomatoes grow to a certain extent and then focus on fruit production which makes them the best to be grow on this system.

Other systems of trellising tomatoes including log-row, quadrapod, dutch-spiral, tie bind. Stake-netting methods and bar-and-wine are just variations of the above two fundamental systems.

When you provide your tomato garden with the most suitable tutoring system. You will have more potency in the production of high quality and neat fruits.

Florida Weave support net
This method is used for tomatoes that do not need much pruning but when they are undetermined tomatoes the method becomes more difficult.

Tips for Trellising

  • While building your trellis, try as much as possible not to break or bend any branch of the vine against its will. This might kill the whole plant.
  • Tutoring tomatoes will involve pruning, staking and stringing when necessary. These three operations when done adequately will help control the spread of diseases and controls pests as well.
  • Make sure the structure you are putting up can stand the test of seasons. When you build stakes that are not firmly root in the soil, wind can blow it away easily thereby exposing your tomato plants to harsh conditions.
  • Tutoring systems are best meant for different types of tomato plants. Choose the right one for your tomato type. For instance, the ever-climbing indeterminate variety will quickly outgrow the Florida weave system.
Trellising Tomatoes
The advantage of using the lattice net is that it prevents the spread of diseases in the tomato plant and controls pests.
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