Trellising in agriculture: the 5 most common questions

What is trellising in agriculture?

In agriculture, trellising is a method use by many farmers for many centuries and also to this day. This technique allows for the plant that is being grown to stay elevate from the ground and also expands the amount of space that can be use.

When using the trellising technique with growing tomatoes, it wards off any rotting that normally happens when the fruit is not elevate but concealed within the confines of the crop or is simply sitting on the ground.

What can you grow on a trellis?

With all the kinds of crops that exist, there are also many options for the kinds of trellis options that are to be apply. Crops that are in need of trellising include, tomatoes, peas, melons, cucumbers, squash, and pole beans. These kinds of crops are ones that are common in vegetable gardens and are in need of something to climb on when growing, to turn out as a clean and high-quality product. And for some crops, they gain an advantage when substantial support is provided for their growth.

Ensuring that there is uniformity in a tomato garden relies heavily on the diversity and pattern of growth of the crop. Tomatoes are organize into determinate and indeterminate groups. When a tomato is classified as determinate, this means that its types are usually medium-size. This also means that determinate tomatoes are able to grow into their definite shape and size and ripen in a rapid amount of time. Tomatoes should be take off of the ground by using a type of prop up like a cage or a stake.

Advantages of use a trellis system to grow plants

The tomato ripens until the plant dies off, but also grows efficiently when a trellis system is apply. Using a trellis system to grow plants brings along many advantages to its growth. Many advantages include:

  • An increase in the plant’s exposure to the light source which helps it grow and yield efficiently.
  • Enhances the plants quality of foliage which means that it won’t undergo any rotting during harvest time.
  • Contributes to the healthy production of crops which means that when the grower must prune.
  • Fertilize the process will be easier.
  • Provides proper circulation which reduces any risk of infection.
  • Provides the plants enough support that will help them hold out against any strong winds that might cause damage.
Trellising in agriculture
Whit trellising technique you can enhance the plants quality of foliage.

What is plant trellising?

HORTOMALLAS® trellis net assists in increasing the harvest and block any infections that may lay ahold of on the plant. The stress that the plant may undergo from any handlement can be diminishe and prevent with trellis net. This diminishes the chance of infectious disease being spread from the worker’s hands to the plant.

An exemplary environment for a plant to flourish with trellising is in an outdoor setting, generates health for the plants. As they like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and melons are perfect for applying the HORTOMALLAS® trellis net into their gardening processes. The net lifts the plants off the ground reducing the chances of obtaining fungal diseases.

Instead of using the common method of using the original trellising technique that is make up of twine and stands in need of a lot of hands-on work. HORTOMALLAS® trellising grants the plant freedom to expand and grow in a natural way. Allowing it to grow naturally has many advantages to the final product since it makes it a healthier plant; decreases stress the plant would undergo.

Trellis net and damage crop
Trellis net prevents any plants from getting stepped on and damaged while they are pruned and harvested.

Requirements to growing fruits with trellis netting

When wanting to achieve the best financial outcome when growing fruits like tomatoes that require a trellis netting, it is advisable to apply a good system of support to keep the crop off the ground. Training a plant on a good quality trellis allows for it to stand up correctly with a minimal endeavor, leading to the necessary nutrients to go in the direction concerning the growth of the actual fruit.

By using an entity big and solidly build sufficiently enough for end posts with braces, with a cable drawing both ends of the row together, the amount of stakes needed in between the plants is minimize.

Staking tomatoes and other types of vegetables bring a good advantage, for instance, pollination is increase and it prevents any plants from getting stomp on and damage while they are harvest.

Ensuring that your vegetable crops are lift up from the soil will enlarge the density of the crop as well as make it possible to harvesting chores more easly.

What are the advantages of trellising in agriculture?

Along with applying it in outside environments, trellising can also be apply in a protect cultivate area. For instance, when tutoring eggplants in greenhouses. With the use of HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting makes it more profitable and simple when growing eggplants inside greenhouses.

Using trellis netting strengthens the plant’s functions. In greenhouse, if there is no optimal phytosanitary control and exercises set into place then many problems will arise steadily.

Applying a netting for support on both of the sides of the burrows of the eggplant diminishes any stress that may be conduct on a plant and reduces any transmission of diseases.

The net prevents disease because of how it is able to increase the quality of phytosanitary conditions by allowing for ventilation, expansion of the plant, and light exposure. When using the HORTICULTURE net for tutoring, the resources concentrate on arranging the leaves of your plant to face the sun for optimal exposure of light and photosynthesis.

when can you use it?

If you want to increase your crop yields, using a HORTICULTURE net for trellising your vegetable plants is recommend. HORTICULTURE net has become typical for growers to use because it is easy to use. Also, the high-quality material that makes it very durable.

It trains the plant through the meshes of the nets, allowing the plant to naturally grow with the support of the weighing fruits from the branches. HORTICULTURE net is apply and used for plants that don’t need support for climbing. They are use a support system that acts to prevent disease and to provide need support for the early stages of development.

To summarize, trellising is an old gardening technique that has many advantages for producing a good quality vegetable. HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting provides everything required to achieve that. HORTOMALLAS® trellis can be use whether it indoors or outdoors.

Trellising-netting has high quality and a important its role in preventing diseases for finding your crop.


Trellising in agriculture is the technique that allows for the plant to stay elevated from the ground. This technique has many advantages for your crop. HORTOMALLAS® trellis net Provides proper circulation which reduces any risk of infection and provides to the plant enough support. You can grow vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, pole beans, melons, etc.