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Trellising Hops – Designs And Benefits

Benefits of Trellising Hops

The hop vine is one plant that is important to the survival of the craft beer industry. They are required by the brewery industry because of their flavoring and contribution to the taste of different varieties of beer. Hop vines require plenty of room to grow. They can grow much longer than many other climbing garden crops like clematis and grapes. However, depending on the variety being planted, the hop vine can grow up to 25 feet. They could overtake a huge section of your garden if not trellised. The main aim of growing crops is to make a profit. This can also be achieved when with high yield.Trellising Hops is important to growers that want to achieve higher yield. One of the benefits is that it helps to position and direct the plant to where it can get an adequate amount of sunlight. Sunlight is needed for photosynthesis to take place. On the other hand, it helps to keep the garden organized and make harvesting easy. In addition, more crops can be grown successfully in a small space of land.

Trellis Design and styles for hop vine

One simple way of trellising hops is to give them a chance to grow on a structure. There are other designs you can use in your garden as well. Some of these designs incorporate other existing structures found around the home such as a flagpole, home or even a tree. Examples of these designs are flagpole trellis design, cloth line trellis design, and commercial trellis design. However, these designs are just to spur some ideas and creativity in the grower.

  • Flagpole trellis design

This trellising design has some key advantages. One of the advantages is that once the flagpole is installed, you will not be doing any further construction. The height of the pole could range from 15 – 25 feet or more. Another advantage is that it has a pulley which can be used to raise or lower the cord to the top level during spring and fall respectively.

  • Cloth line trellis design

This design is very simple. It could also be available in your yard already. The thing is you can use a 4″ x 4″ post to create it. The most important thing is the depth at which you bury the post and the arm support at the top of the post.

  • Commercial trellis design

This is also a trellis design that is seen in some commercial yard. The benefit of this design is that it has low spring time trellis maintenance. Harvesting cost is also reduced. It is also reasonable for small space, as you can grow hop vines successfully no matter the limited space.

trellising hops


Trellising hops vines can help growers increase their yield and manage their gardens properly. You can choose the right trellis design you want or get creative and build one that suits your need. The bottom line of providing trellis is to support the hop vine and make other farm operation easier


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