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Trellising and Support for Cucumbers Using Cucumber Netting

Without a doubt, HORTOMALLAS® cucumber netting is the best way to support cucumbers

HORTOMALLAS® is the natural choice when it comes to cucumber support.  HORTOMALLAS® is the trellis netting that can withstand more than 60 kilos per square meter (110lbs/sq yd), sufficient to support the weight of the cucumber plant, and sets aside environmental factors such as wind and rain.

malla soporte vegetales
One can appreciate the difference between the two methods of trellising:  twine on the left and HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting on the right, which guarantees vegetables optimal plant support.

It is the nature of cucurbitaceae to look for a way to stand straight up by seeking out support points.  By growing vertically, they increase their exposure to sunlight and improve air flow, thus reducing all manners of plant diseases and pathogens fostered by high humidity.  HORTOMALLAS® cucumber netting lasts for several crop cycles when used out in the open and several years when used in a greenhouse or shade house.

rotación cultivos
Trellising vining beans using HORTOMALLAS® cucumber netting as a vertical support, following a crop of cucumbers, is the perfect example of crop rotation.

It is enough to just allow the plants from the previous crop to dry down, before beginning another crop cycle using the same infrastructure of trellis support posts, ground cover, irrigation system, and HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting.  It could be cucumbers followed by a climbing legume such as string beans, peas, or vining kidney beans in order to replace soil nitrogen.

soporte de pepino
HORTOMALLAS® as cucumber support.

Since antiquity farmers have looked for ways to support cucumbers, be it with bamboo, or stakes, or twine.  HORTOMALLAS® is the highest performer in regard to plant health, because, unlike other materials such as natural-fiber twine, its compact structure prevents microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and insects from hiding themselves and withstanding applications of agrochemicals.  Getting cucumber crops up off the ground reduces the chance of fungal plant diseases by improving air flow and exposure to sunlight.

enfermedades del pepino
HORTOMALLAS® cucumber netting offers big advantages for cucumber crops in a greenhouse by reducing the amount of contact that hands make with plants and thereby reducing the possibility of spreading infection by pathogens.

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