Trellis Net for Trellising Plants

Trellising Plants with the HORTOMALLAS® Trellis Net

The produce grower that looks for a way to increase harvest and at the same time prevent crop diseases needs a trellis net that also allows for optimization of investment in labor.  All of this can be done by making ones trellising with trellis net from HORTOMALLAS.  This net could also serve as an espalier net.

malla espaldera en tomate
Here one can see how the bottoms of the two panels of the HORTOMALLAS® trellis net get tied together in order to guide the tomato plant towards the upper squares of the netting.

This trellis net allows for better air flow and thereby prevents or diminishes the incidence of fungal diseases.  By allowing for a more natural development of the plant’s leaves, photosynthesis can be more efficient. Mechanical stress is reduced because the plants no longer need to be continuously handled by workers.  Workers’ hands can become vectors for spreading plant diseases by touching thousands of plants in a day.

malla para plantas
HORTOMALLAS® trellis net

Trellising vegetable crops grown outdoors is a very necessary procedure in order to create ideal plant health conditions and to increase harvest yields.  Hortomallas trellis net makes uniform trellising possible with plants for trellis such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, or melons.  Once the plant is helped to get up off the ground, fungal diseases are reduced since it is humid conditions and contact with the soil that promote fungal diseases.  Aside from the reduction of pathogens caused by humidity, HORTOMALLAS® also reduces the incidence of diseases transmitted by workers making physical contact with the plants.  All that is needed is for a hand to make contact with a plant affected by viral disease or bacterial attacks, for the worker to become a vector by which the disease is transmitted.  

poda berenjena
Pruning eggplant is easy when trelling is done with HORTOMALLAS® trellis net.

As opposed to the traditional trellising made with twine that requires a lot of manual manipulation, trellising with HORTOMALLAS® allows the plant to grow in a natural manner and the squares of the HORTOMALLAS® to become the support for branches laden with fruit.  This natural and organic development of the plant, makes for a healthier plant, less stress for the plant, and savings in labor and agrochemicals.  


malla soporte vegetales
One can appreciate the difference between the trellising methods:  twine and plastic trellis net.  HORTOMALLAS® guarantees the plant an optimal system of support for vegetable crops.