Use trellis for pumpkins and squash tutoring and you will wonder why you didn’t do it before!

Squash is a plant that grows extremely long and thin vines which take a lot of space, making it hard to maintain and harvest it when cultivated scattered on the ground. Vertical plant training is a very good solution to this problem; it makes you save time, space and materials, if you use it correctly. Using trellis for squash may seem impossible to achieve successfully, because sooner or later fruits would pull off the vine. Actually this is not necessarily true; there are some varieties (like delicata, zucchini and yellow summer) that are not so heavy and can be trained this way. It is better to master this system well and to know how it works before trying with heavier plants, like winter squash (turban and butternut), which is too large to be trained with trellis.

trellis for squash
Plastic netting can hold more than 60 kilos per meter, making it the ideal trellis for squash.

There are several ways of using a netting as trellis for squash, and which one to choose will depend on how much space you have for installing the support structure and, of course, of your personal preferences. Teepee design is one of the most used supports for trellises; to build it you will only need three tall wooden or metal poles (at least). If you are going to use wooden poles remember that they should not be treated in any way, be

Trellises for squash inside a greenhouse
Trellises for squash can also be decorative and be grown inside greenhouses and using drip irrigation and plastic mulching.

cause toxics components that are used to treat the lumber can leach into the ground, and make your plants contract diseases. You must nail the poles very deep in the ground, at least 6 feet (1, 82 m) away from each other, to ensure thy will not fall and will support such a heavy plant. The next step is to use twine to tie it around poles, creating something that will look like and Indian carp, very tightly fastened at the top. The use of agricultural raffia is exactly what does not make this system so recommended, since twine may yield because of the plant’s weight, and it also can become a source of dangerous phyto infections.

trellising squash in very productive
It takes a lot of work and might even require growing hammocks, but trellising squash is very rewarding and picturesque.

The classical Teepee trellis for squash design also useful for melons and other cucurbits

Another trellis for squash idea that is widely used by gardeners ad farmers is tripod trellis support, above all for large squash types. It is more or less like the teepee trellises one, but with the difference that you will not use trellis net around it. When squash plant has reached a considerable length, it is time to choose from three to five healthy stems to make them grow on the poles. The thing with this is that wooden may only last a season, depending on the climatic conditions of the area, and metal can get easily rusted, so that your plant could end up rusted too.

Cucumbers of a squash trellis
Cucurbits are natural climbers so squash grown on a net will require less efforts, just like a cucumber.

By last, there is the sloping trellis for squash wall method, which is by far more efficient than the aforementioned. What you need is an at least 7 feet long (2, 13 m) portion of a resistant plastic trellis, and a strong frame that you can attach it on; you can hold that with two thick poles of the desired height. This may seem like a little more expensive system, but it is totally worth it, because this structure will last long and will withstand strong winds. As the plant grows, you might need some ties to give it extra support, and reusable HORTOCLIPS plastic tutoring rings are ideal for this. When fruits start to sprout, they will hang on the inner side of the trellis wall, making harvest faster and easier. You can even take advantage of the free space below the frame and plant lettuces in it. This trellis for squash method is also commonly used for cucumbers.

Squash trellising nets ready to be used
Squash trellising nets supported by metal T-posts are ready to be used.

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