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What is the perfect protection of plants outside cold – Plastic or Fabric?

weed cloth protecting plants against weeds

The weed fabric is an excellent tool to prevent plants from being damaged by the frozen weather.

This will be dependent because both plastic and fabric can be used. They do have their own benefits and difficulties. A simple ground cover fabric can considerably decrease cold damage when the hotness are between middle to upper 20s. The fabric is much heavier – mostly comforters, blankets, and quilts. When rain falls on the ground cover fabric, their weight becomes an issue. This can cause breakage to the plant and the wet fabric does not provide adequate insulation as the dry fabric does. The plastic, on the other hand, is easy to use and lightweight. When rain falls, it does not absorb water and does not get heavy and wet as the fabric does. Nevertheless, this disadvantage of the plastic is that there isn’t any room for insulation in areas where the plants get in contact with it. This can lead to freezing damage of some part of the plant. However, there is a way of preventing this situation. It is by engaging stakes underneath the plastic to clench it up off the foliage. Cloth covers com with its own advantage, unlike the plastic. It is important to note that ground cover fabric limits the quantity of light that is received by a plant. Because of this, they cannot be left in a particular place for a longer time and therefore should be removed immediately the freezing period is over. The more the layers of the cover, the better it will provide the insulation.

weed fabric in greenhouse

Mulch prevents weeds from receiving sunlight.

Maintenance of the ground cover fabric While weed germination is discouraged by ground cover fabric, seeds are blown into the landscape via nearby vegetation. Water and the sun are needed by most weed seeds in order to germinate. You can hinder weed seeds from taking root in the bark of mulch through the application of herbicide. Some people do not know how to spray the weed without endangering the surrounding plants. To do this, the open-ended coffee can be placed over the weeds with the spray nozzle inserted into it. Then the weed can be soaked with the herbicide. This is a simple method that can be followed and carried out effectively without causing any damage to the plant. Freezing Tips to Try

    • Plants can remain in a covered sheets or blankets if the freezing is for several nights in a stretch. However, the cover will be required to be taken off in order to enable the plants to receive light from the sun.
    • In order to reduce the leaf burn, the plastic cover can be lifted to keep it away from the foliage.
    • In situations where the tropical plants get in contact with the plastic cover, freezing will occur. This scenario is different from fabric covers.
  • Finally, when using electric space heaters, you should be extra careful. The plant should be far away from such heat. Ensure you apply caution when watering the plant and must unplug your electric heater until the area is dry.

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