The myth about weed barrier cloth

Everybody likes the easy stuff. Doesn’t it sound nice for you to just roll the weed barrier cloth into our garden and never get worried about weeding it anymore? Doesn’t it sound good? The stoppage of weeds without the use of dangerous chemicals is interesting. Nevertheless, some believe that this cover shouldn’t be used in your garden. According to such people, the reason behind this is as follows.

ground cover installed on garden for plants protection
With this type of fabric you can provide ideal protection without the need to use chemical products.

It is not natural: While it is true that weed cloth is not a chemical, it is far from being natural. It has the capacity of trapping earthworms and other creatures on the ground. These creatures’ lives beneath the soil; they advantageous to the soil as well as our food.  The creatures that stay beneath remains there while the one on top does not have access to the soil. Not a healthy situation for the soil and our food. This is one of the reasons why many consider the use of weed barrier cloth as unnatural. These weed controls are not biodegradable.
It does not work: The second myth is that it does not work perfectly against weeds.
It makes the pulling of weed hard: According to this myth, the weed barrier cloth makes bad weed to grow through them. This at the end makes the pulling of weeds impossible. The landscaping will have to be replaced once they are there. The picture below shows how it looks underneath.

weed mulch used in garden crops
Mulch is a great aid to easily remove weeds.


For most people, the natural way of controlling weed is the best. Perhaps you want a way of blocking the weed, a cardboard or newspapers are your best option. They will compost and feed worms instead of trapping them. Another best solution will be the addition of heavy mulch. Weeds that grow in mulch are much easier to pull.
Best place for weed barrier cloth
If you want to make use of weed cloth, your ideal place will be at decks and under walking paths. Places where dirt and dust cannot easily find their way among the surface and weed barrier. Weed cannot grow in such places. If you do not make use of mulch, then weed cloth can be a perfect cover for your garden.

How do you deal with weeds?
The best way of dealing with weeds is by preventing it. The following are ways of preventing it.

weed cloth used in garden for plant protection
Weed cloth is very useful and practical to provide the ideal protection for your crops.
    • Leave no space for the weed to grow: The more spaces between plants, the more weeds will unfold. A helpful way is by using the square foot garden, which requires no space left for weeds to grow.
    •  Cover the plant: This approach will be dependent on the type of crop planted. Natural mulch such as grass clippings, wood cheeps, hay, and straw all good option for the garden. They will keep the soil moist and prevent the growing of weeds.
  • Finally, use your hand in picking up the weed. Using insecticide can affect your crops, so be careful if you are using one.
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