How to install a weed cloth in your garden

weed fabric installed on plants
The weed provides ideal protection to prevent weeds from growing.

Every gardener in fighting against weed can use an extra weapon. One of such weapon is “weed cloth”. They are also known as landscape fabric and can be used for walkways, patios, and beds. They come in rolls and very easy to cut in order to fit the area of installation. To maximize their effectiveness, you need to install it the right way. In as much as the landscape fabric aid new weed growth, they help the fabric to work better through the clearing of the area first. We all know that weeds are plants, which are not required. To remove any weed, you have to dig the complete weed plant with its roots, in order for it not to grow again. After this, you can clear the area of debris, rocks, or sticks within the area because they can poke a hole within the fabric. This can give allowances for the weed to grow. You need to lay the cloth flat on the ground for it to work effectively and correctly. To smooth and loosen the soil, you can use a rake. Areas with deep ruts, soil can be added to it to fill it up.

Best place for weed barrier cloth

If you want to make use of cloth, your ideal place will be at decks and under walking paths. Places where dirt and dust cannot easily find their way among the surface and weed barrier. Weed cannot grow in such places. If you do not make use of mulch, then cloth can be a perfect cover for your garden.

weed fabric installed for the protection crops
So that it works properly it must completely cover the entire area to avoid any possible growth of the weeds.

The weed cloth should completely cover the soil for it to be effective. Also, the edges of the fabric have to be extended slightly away from the area you wanted it covered. Immediately the fabric has been secured, you can take it off. The overlapping of the landscape fabric should be a minimum of six inches because it prevents the growth of the weeds in-between the joints. The moment you lay the cloth, probably you will have to cover it with pavers, gravel, or mulch. The material that goes through the landscape fabric helps in holding it into place; however, it can fluctuate with time. Landscape staple can be used to keep the fabric in their proper place before the coverage of the entire area. If you are making use of the landscape fabric in the planting beds, ensure you make holes for the plants. If you have a planting bed already, the landscape fabric should be cut into pieces in order for it to fit around the plant. All the pieces should overlap in order for weeds not to have access. The landscape fabric has to be laid first if the bed is a new one. The weed cloth can provide shade over your garden. If you don’t want to buy this cloth, you can purchase window screens and lattice cloth to shade the crops

weed fabric used in cropfield
The weed fabric provides a tough protection for your crops.
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