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tomato trellis net netting

Tomato Trellis

Tomato Trellis Netting Reduces Pathogens and Plant Stress

 Using HORTOMALLAS as your tutor or tomato trellis will increase overall productivity in your field as the use of net is the easiest way to train tomatoes.  Contrary to raffia trellising of tomatoes, HORTOMALLAS requires a lot less labor both for installing the system and once installed during the field operations of tyeing and fastening the plant to the raffia tutors.  Handling plants constantly for guidance and tutoring will affect their productivity as the mechanical stress due to hand contact and the continuous re-orientation of the leaves will cause the plant to stop producing fruits in order to re-accommodate its leaves towards the sun.  Also it is better to avoid so much contact with the hands of the workers because these can be the vector for pathogens transmitted from plant to plant, and this can be achieved by using HORTOMALLAS tomato trellis, as this system allows the plant to grow supported without the need of human guidance
tomato trellis

INstalling a HORTOMALLAS tomato(e) trellis inside a tunnel

Overall tomato net is advisable as it will increase air flow, decrease fungi attacks, and improve solar exposure, all of this will decrease the need of chemicals, therefore allowing to reach organic crop status.
greenhouse tomatoes support

HORTOMALLAS tomatoe support inside a greenhouse

PS.  You say tomatoe I say tomato!  Sorry for the “oe” tomatoe-tomato controversy!! 
trellis net and agriculture

In the tomato crop it is recommended trellis net double row , so the plant is better support in its branches.

         How to Install a Double Wall Trellis