Tomato-ring for a steady supply of tomatoes

How to make your garden productive by using a tomato-ring.

ring used in support system to tomato plant
Grow tomatoes can seem a bit difficult and complicated, but with a good support method can get good results.

Tomatoes are one of the most sought-after vegetables as they are a common ingredient in most dishes and even in the most simple salads. Most households see this plant as a must-have not only in their kitchens, but even in their gardens. However, not all those who love to cook are expert in growing tomatoes. First-time gardeners will find their garden a mess once their tomato plants crawl all over the place. It is not really hard to plant tomatoes even in a pot or in a small area provided you make use of a tomato-ring.

Tomatoes, like most greenhouse plants, are easily susceptible to pests and diseases that lurk in the soil. This makes the tomato-ring culture a very helpful method to make sure you provide the roots with regular access to moist surface and prevent diseases at the same time. Many home gardeners have grumbled about how they could not seen to grow good tomatoes without getting pests in the process. The best way to grow tomatoes is to place them in a bottomless container. The ring culture also works well with other plants like eggplants and peppers. These three plants alone can help make your kitchen a haven for your family.

rings used for support in the tomato plant
Rings are an incredible option to use in tomato crops.

The tomato-ring is the perfect tool for every newbie gardener because it keeps the plant roots a lot healthier. This farm implement has become so popular you should probably get several pieces to make sure you don’t run out of them since they always get sold out. If you can’t find them in your neighborhood garden shop then try your luck online. These rings look like cages for your vegetables and they provide support for your tomatoes as they grow and bear fruit. Stock up on these rings as you will find them useful if you want to grow different types of vegetables in your small garden and still maintain order.

Gardeners call them the Japanese tomato-ring but it is more of a practice in gardening rather than a cultural thing. It has been used since the 1950s after a gardener from South Carolina discovered its benefits. As its name suggests, this gardening tool is shaped like a circle that virtually puts the tomato inside a cage to guide its growth. The ring is filled with organic matter capable of gathering enough moisture to allow the tomatoes to grow healthier. It is easy to fit the ring in any area as its diameter measures only three feet and that is already good for up to four plants. You can adjust the diameter depending on how many tomatoes you want to plant inside the ring.

ring on tomato plant stem
In addition, it’s a very easy tool to install, becoming a very practical option.

It is easy to install the tomato-ring as you only need to put it on top of an aggregate bed such as gravel as it has the capacity to retain water. It is best to clean and the area before you prepare the aggregate bed to ensure it is not infected or contaminated. A trench measuring between six to 10 inches in depth is ideal for the average-sized ring. You can opt to put aggregates all over the floor of the greenhouse if you intend to put up many rings. Make sure you leave enough space in between rings for better growth.

Since tomatoes are highly susceptible to pests and diseases, it is practical to invest in a tomato-ring. However, make sure you choose rings that are not only durable but can also accommodate any type of stake for support. If you choose strong rings then can also be used to support and guide the tomato. Some home gardeners can follow the typical ring method in growing tomatoes and this is by putting soil and compost in the middle of the ring. Plant around four tomatoes outside the ring. The soil is kept moist providing nutrients to the plants which will ultimately lead to a bountiful harvest of tomatoes later on.

tomato crops using ring
The ring for tomatoes will help your plant to achieve the desired growth.

Once you have completed the ring and planted four tomato plants outside, it is now time to follow a certain technique in watering your plants. The tomato-ring method works best if you follow a certain watering technique that has been proven effective by most backyard gardeners. Watering of the plants should be concentrated around the ring when they are still small, but at the center when they grow larger. By this time, the roots of the tomatoes grow along the center as they seek more nutrients and moisture. This method will yield faster-growing tomatoes that bear more fruits.

No matter how you grow your plants, it will all boil down to the type or variety planted, If you are trying your hand on planting tomatoes for the first time, then the cherry tomato variety is a good choice. With the use of a tomato-ring, your cherry tomatoes will continuously provide you bite-sized tomato goodness for your salads. If you want small red fruits on your salad then the Sweet Million will be fun to grow. For those sweet golden tomatoes you can try growing the Sun Sugar variety. For a more colorful and attractive salad or other dishes, why not plant the Black Cherry tomatoes as well? These varieties are very productive but they can grow up to ten feet tall. If that seems too much to handle then opt for the dwarf varieties.

tomato stem using tomato crops
There are many advantages offered by the ring for the cultivation of tomatoes.

Not too many people are aware of the benefits of using the tomato-ring when growing their plants. The practice of using the rings may have been used by gardeners for decades but only a few have learned how to take advantage of them. But if you want productive tomatoes for your own kitchen or even for commercial farms then the rings will make your plants produce more tomatoes than you can ever imagine. The rings are very affordable and considering the number of tomatoes you will get come harvest time, the cost is negligible. If you love to cook or eat a lot, then having a steady supply of tomatoes in your garden will be a real treat.

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