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Tomato net: Saving Your Tomato From Birds And Rats

It would be a sad story to plant and grow your tomatoes but cannot harvest all you have labored for just because you failed to use tomato net. Yes, a lot of garden owners end up not harvesting 50% of their farm produce due to rodent invasion to their harvest. In some cases where gardens are not properly monitored, the owners could barely know if their yields are even missing. Growing and training your tomato plants can be easier to handle having understood the protocols involved. It is also a lot easier to control pests and diseases with the most common tomato insects being hornworms, psyllids, flea beetle and aphids. And the common diseases are bacterial speck, anthracnose, buckeye rot, gray wall and blossom end root. These are always watched out for by any tomato gardener with ease. But these are not all to look out for. My neighbor complained bitterly last summer that something is seriously eating her fresh tomatoes. That’s the work of rodents and the simple remedy is the use of tomato net.

clips used for support to tomato plants.
Avoid the attack of insects or any damage keeping the integrity if the tomato crops.

Apart from protecting your plump red tomatoes, netting your tomato plants will shape up your garden making it easier to access. Interestingly, building a tomato net is very easy and cost efficient. Materials needed to build your netting include net, bamboo poles, hooks and wires. The net serve as the protective material, the bamboo poles will serve as stands, hooks will be used to hold the net close to the ground and the wires will serve as binding material for the nets.

tomato crops tutoring by hortomallas support net
The tomato net can provide the best protection to the tomato crops.

Netting Options

A different material can be used as the stand like plastics or metals depending on the type of structure you are intending to build. Also, the net size can vary depending on the targeted animals. Wide nets that can serve the purpose of protection are recommended to keep your garden highly ventilated while also protecting your fruits.

There are two options to your netting. You can either make a frame to hold the nets away from your tomato or allow them be directly over the tomato plants. The frame is however much better as it keeps every animal close to the net very far from your fruits.  Curved mesh can also be used to achieve the required protection but they are considered to be expensive though easier to install.

tomato plants usign espalier net
Is required technical knowledge for install the tomato net.

Steps to make your tomato net

  • Put the bamboo poles into the ground such that they have connecting edges
  • Place about two bamboo poles across the grounded ones and tie them together
  • Cast the bird net like a tent over the poles
  • With the hooks, lock the casted net to the ground

Disadvantages of Netting
Those with no technical knowledge would find it difficult to install and hence would need to hire someone to do the netting. This is an extra cost however. You must remove the net each time you want to harvest. This can be a little task to some people.

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    Espallier Support Net for cucumber, tomatoes, etc (square 25x25cm) 1.5x1500m (60″x4920′, 10″x10″)

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