Thyme Crop and its benefits

How thyme crop is made

The thyme crop (Thymus vulgaris); this plant is very famous and can be found in many mountains, trails and landscapes in our geography. It has many varieties, there are so many that we can get to collect them in a medicinal garden at home. Having a thyme crop in our garden, we can have at hand the wonderful properties of this plant, therefore, we can make an infusion that calms our cold or use it as a condiment in some homemade foods. It can reach 40 centimeters in height. When it blooms, we can see purple flowers and leaves of 7 to 15 millimeters in length. This plant is usually planted in the sunniest part of the orchard due to its light and heat requirements.

Thyme Crop
Thyme can be found in numerous mountains.

Benefits of Thyme Crop

  • It has antiseptic and disinfectant properties, although it can be used as a vermifuge to eliminate intestinal worms of children.
  • It is a healing, antispasmodic, balsamic, antioxidant, stimulant and choleric, among others. Thyme infusions work very well for pharyngitis.

Planting and care

  • It can be sown in the spring or early autumn, so that in two or three weeks we can start with its sowing.
  • It usually flourishes between May and August.
  • It can be planted in a pot and transplanted it to its final place when it reaches 10 centimeters, although we can do direct sowing.
  • It likes temperate, mountain climates: dry and warm.
  • It does not withstand much humidity, but can withstand frost well. It prefers calcareous soils rich in alluvium that doesn’t puddle.
  • The plant lives for many years and we can cut what we need at any time of the year, although it’s recommended to do it in summer and leave it quiet in winter.
  • The cuts made to be dried later, are made in full bloom.
medicinal thyme
This flower is considered a medicinal plant.

It is always advisable to have thyme at home. As we have seen, the properties of thyme are innumerable, and it is a very attractive medicinal plant especially when it blooms and it’s beautiful violet flowers come out.   Like other shrub floral plants, the screen of green (SCROG) method can be used.

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